Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introducing..... Our Family

Here we are! We've finally arrived in the blogging world. I never thought we'd see this day! But here we are. We have a daddy. He is our King, we'll call him Master Chief! He thinks he rules the house. Then there is the Queen, we'll call her the Mama. She thinks she rules the house. Little does Master Chief and Mama know, Kermit our son and Miss Piggy our daughter, think they rule the house. So we have a bunch of crazy rulers running around our house! We also have two royal rabbits, Mopsy and Flopsy. Master Chief calls them part of our food storage, the rest of us call them our pets, silly daddy! Our little family also has a sweet angel baby who is Kermit and Miss Piggy's big sister. Angel Baby was with us for a very short 10 days before returning to live with our Heavenly Father. We think she rules us many times as well! We are just a fun family who loves to play games, go camping, BBQ, and play at the park. We live in a little house, in a little city, with little friends, and we are alright with that! So join us in our blogging adventure, be patient with us as we learn how to blog and please leave us comments!

How about starting with a suprise

I figure there is no better way to start something out than with a suprise! Well here's a big bang for you... After thinking we were done having children and ready to move onto the next phase in life (well the Mama thought we were, Master Chief felt like there was one more) we were shocked with a pregnancy! It was a scary start though. We couldn't find a fetal pole and my hcg levels weren't doubling like they want it to. The dr assumed I was having an eptopic pregnancy and since I get every least desired thing during pregnancy I figured this was my next adventure. I was sent to the hospital for an ultrasound to find out which tube the baby was in. During this ultrasound we actually found a very healthy baby with a perfect heartbeat, in a perfect spot!!! This was at 7 weeks along.

I have very high risk pregnancies because I have blood clotting disorders. I have Thrombophilia, I'm Heterozygous Factor V Leiden and I have MTHFR. My first baby was born at 26 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Our sweet baby girl lived for 10 fantastic days until she got an infection from the bacteria in the air and then returned to live with our Heavenly Father. My second pregnancy ended in a micsarriage at 12 weeks and my third pregnancy made it to 32 weeks when I abrupted and my placenta tore off of my uterus. Luckily we made it to the OR in time and Miss Piggy was only in the NICU for one month before coming home to our house!

During my last pregnancy as well as this one I've had the fantastic opportunity to give myself two shots of Heparin in my stomach a day. Heparin is a blood thinner, so we are hoping to keep my blood just right as well as monitor my blood pressure regularly. Things are going well so far and we are praying for a full term baby this time! We have very high hopes for me to be awake during my c-section, for Master Chief to attend the birth, for the baby to be left in the same room as mom, and to take the baby home with us when we leave the hospital. It really shouldn't be too much to ask, right!!!??!

So please join us in celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby #4, due May 29th. Kermit and Miss Piggy are so excited to have a new sister!