Monday, February 20, 2012

And Now For A Baby Girl Funny

You think she looks so sweet and innocent! But really she is just crazy! I thought I'd share this crazy afternoon we had this last week. I'm sure her future dates will love to hear this one!

Baby Girl asked to go outside and play. I let her go out back while I was folding laundry. Not long after she went out, she came back in and this is the conversation we had...
BG: "I went pee pee outside!" (Said with a proud smile on her face)
M: "Did you wet your pants?"
BG: "No, I pulled my pants down and went pee pee!"
M: "Baby Girl we don't pee outside, we go pee pee in the potty."
BG: "Okay, can I go back out to play?"
M: "Yes, but if you need to go pee, you come in to the potty, okay?"

So Baby Girl goes out to play and after a minute or two I decided to check on her. I found her pants down, squatting!!!

M: "No no Baby Girl, we don't go pee pee outside!"
BG: "I not go pee pee outside, I go poo poo!"
M: "Oh no, please tell me you didn't go poo poo outside."
BG: "Yep!" (Said with that same proud smile)
M: "Show me where you went."
Baby Girl shows me, and yep, she did poop outside, only a little bit, thank goodness.

M: "Baby Girl, we don't go potty outside, no pee pee or poo poo!!!"
M: "What were you thinking?"
BG: "I a doggy!!!" (as she gets on all fours and sticks her tounge out and pants like a dog)

What am I going to do with her!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date Night!

Miss Piggy asked her Daddy out on a date! There was a dinner and dance this last weekend and Miss Piggy was so excited about it! Truth be told, Master Chief was excited too! Master Chief got Miss Piggy a corsage to match her dress!A kiss for a special Daddy!That night they went to dinner at a church that was sponsoring the Boys and Girls club. They ate pasta and cookies! Then they went off to the dance. They were a bit early, so Master Chief set Miss Piggy on his lap and let her drive in the parking lot!!! Once they got into the dance, they got their picture taken, faces painted and then it was time to dance!!!

The local Newspaper was there taking pictures and this picture made it up on their website! Looks like both Miss Piggy and Master Chief were having a great time.

Miss Piggy won a prize and was the very first to win a prize that night for her awesome dance moves. She won a cute stuffed bunny! Later she won a necklace for being inside a hoola hoop when the music stopped.

What a great memory for both Daddy and Daughter!

Kermit Wins An Award For His Story!

It seems we have writers in our house! Kermit won "Writer of the Week" in his class at school! Here is his story, the exact way he wrote it.

I have a big house at home. We are going to make a buk bed in my room, and my sistrs room. It dus not have a big grog. (garage) But we have anuf spase to park to cars. I love my house.

Way to go, Kermit!!!

Miss Piggy's Story!

I wish I knew how to make this bigger! Miss Piggy wrote this story all on her own. I'll type it out exactly as she has written it.

Mery and the cats
Mery had cats and she had fun with her cats. She woud play with her cats and sleep with her cats and she rusld (wrestled) with her cats and reed storees to her cats and she pet her cats. But she had chorse to do but her cats helped Mery with her chorse and then they wer all don and so Mery got to play with her cats and play gamse and after that the cats purrd and then they lade dawn and then they went to sleep. And then they went out side.

Such a cutie!!!

Kermit Lost Another Tooth!!!

We are losing teeth left and right at our house! Kermit lost his second tooth January 24!!! He worked hard at it before heading to school and finally gave in and let Mama pull it out! It was very ready and an easy job for Mama! Mama actually quite enjoyed it! Kermit was so excited to go to school and show everyone his missing tooth! The Tooth Fairy brought him $5. She pays so well, Master Chief and I have thought about losing teeth to see how much she'd pay us!!!

Miss Piggy Turned 7!

I'm rather behind in my blogging! Miss Piggy celebrated her 7th birthday last month!!! I can't believe she's this old! I can't believe I have two 7 year olds preparing for baptism!!!

On Miss Piggy's birthday she got lots of fun art things. The one thing she kept asking for was a Password Journal, and her Grandma Great got that for her!!! She is so excited to play with it and record her secrets in it!Miss Piggy is such a good sister. Baby Girl was dying to open presents, so Miss Piggy let her open half of her presents!!! The next weekend we celebrated her birthday with her friends. She especially wanted her Grandma Great to come with Gram-Gram. We were excited that it worked out for her to attend.

Miss Piggy wanted an "Upside Down Backwards" Birthday Party. So that's just what we did. People wore their clothes backwards, they wore upside down name tags that were written backwards and we started with presents! After that we had cake and ice cream. We turned the table upside down and ate our backwards cake upside down on plates that were upside down!

Miss Piggy is 7 going on 17. Which means Baby Girl is 2 going on 7, going on 17!!! Baby Girl adores her big sister. Each day after school, Baby Girl runs to give Miss Piggy a hug, nearly knocking her over!

Miss Piggy is doing very well in school and loves to play school when she comes home. She is enjoying her gymnastics class. Each week she tries to do one thing new or hard and currently she is working on being more comfortable with the balance beam. She also enjoys collecting rocks. We think she inherited that from her Grandpa Great!

Miss Piggy is such a good sister to her brother and little sister. We love her with all our hearts! Happy Birthday, Miss Piggy!