Monday, February 13, 2012

Miss Piggy Turned 7!

I'm rather behind in my blogging! Miss Piggy celebrated her 7th birthday last month!!! I can't believe she's this old! I can't believe I have two 7 year olds preparing for baptism!!!

On Miss Piggy's birthday she got lots of fun art things. The one thing she kept asking for was a Password Journal, and her Grandma Great got that for her!!! She is so excited to play with it and record her secrets in it!Miss Piggy is such a good sister. Baby Girl was dying to open presents, so Miss Piggy let her open half of her presents!!! The next weekend we celebrated her birthday with her friends. She especially wanted her Grandma Great to come with Gram-Gram. We were excited that it worked out for her to attend.

Miss Piggy wanted an "Upside Down Backwards" Birthday Party. So that's just what we did. People wore their clothes backwards, they wore upside down name tags that were written backwards and we started with presents! After that we had cake and ice cream. We turned the table upside down and ate our backwards cake upside down on plates that were upside down!

Miss Piggy is 7 going on 17. Which means Baby Girl is 2 going on 7, going on 17!!! Baby Girl adores her big sister. Each day after school, Baby Girl runs to give Miss Piggy a hug, nearly knocking her over!

Miss Piggy is doing very well in school and loves to play school when she comes home. She is enjoying her gymnastics class. Each week she tries to do one thing new or hard and currently she is working on being more comfortable with the balance beam. She also enjoys collecting rocks. We think she inherited that from her Grandpa Great!

Miss Piggy is such a good sister to her brother and little sister. We love her with all our hearts! Happy Birthday, Miss Piggy!

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