Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kermit Earns His Bobcat Award!

Kermit has been working very hard on scouting and his Faith in God.  A month ago he earned his Bobcat award in scouts and due to some emergencies at our church building, they had to cancel pack meeting last month so Kermit had to patiently wait until this month to be awarded this patch!  Little did Mama know, this award was special for her too.  The asked Kermit to escort Mama to the front of the room, so I quickly gave my camera to Miss Piggy to take pics, and the cover was on the camera!  What you don't get to witness is Kermit pinning a mothers pin on my shirt!  I was so proud of my little cub scout! 

There were 3 boys earning their Bobcat and after getting their patch, they got to "BOB" for apples!  I got this on video.... remember Kermit has only 1 front tooth....
Way to go, Kermit! 

Miss Piggy Turns 8 and Gets Baptized!!!

It's finally Miss Piggy's turn to be 8!  It is a long 10.5 weeks in between Kermit and Miss Piggy's birthday, the only time they are different ages!  She has been anxiously waiting for this magical age to come along.  Her actual birthday was last month.  She invited her best friend over and played all day long since it was a school holiday.  She chose to go to Applebee's for dinner!

And then the long wait began.... to be baptized!

Miss Piggy was bapized by her dad a few weeks ago with many friends and family there to witness this event.  Miss Piggy was hoping that something would come out of the water so she could be baptized 2 times, but her dad pushed her under just enough!  She said the water was so warm she didn't want to get out!  Afterwards we had a fun family party with cheese pizza, salad and cookies!
This is my mom's sister, my grandma, me, Baby Girl, Miss Piggy, and Gram-Gram.  A 4 generation picture!!! 

All the gentlemen that helped give Miss Piggy the Gift of the Holy Ghost! 
Miss Piggy and her BFF!And Mama couldn't resist holding 2 nephews, feeding one and remembering how hard it was to have 2 babies at once! 

Happy Birthday Miss Piggy.  You are one of a kind!  You love to read, you want to be a school teacher, teach art, or a nurse.  You love cheese pizza, cereal, and you don't love to eat salad!  You are into reading the Babysitters Club books and Magic Tree House books.  You are a super gymnast and are hoping to do some cheerleading this fall.  You love to take care of your little sister and be a little mommy to her.  We love you with all our hearts!!!