Monday, March 7, 2011

Introducing.... Bandit!!!

I never thought we'd see this day, lol! I never wanted an inside dog since we just got brand new carpet!!! I never wanted to have to clean up after a puppy while I had kids to clean up after! But yet I've always wanted a puppy!
Miss Piggy is terrified of dogs. So when a neighbor stopped us last week and asked us if we wanted a puppy, my first response was "No!" But then I mentioned it to Master Chief and he thought it would help Miss Piggy and he thought that every boy needed a dog. So, we went and took a look at him. I instantly liked him! We brought the kids over and they fell in love... even Miss Piggy did!
So we are now the proud owners of a 4 month of Shih Tzo named Bandit, who is already house broke!!! We took him to get his hair cut, bought him a traveling box, a collar, leash, dog bowl and doggie treats. I guess it's official, we are a dog family now!
The best part, Miss Piggy isn't afraid anymore! Kermit thinks it is so cool to have a dog! And Baby Girl thinks he is her own personal play toy!!! Secretly, I think Master Chief is loving having a dog and I'm pretty happy about it too!