Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fart Family

On Monday night we were working on our garden for Family Home Evening. Somehow we got on the topic of Miss Piggy changing her last name when she gets married. A little while later Kermit out of the blue says, "I'm glad our last name isn't Fart, because we fart a lot and I wouldn't like our last name to be Fart. We'd be the Fart family." Um, okay! Master Chief and I were rolling in laughter and Kermit said, "I knew that would make you laugh, that's why I said it." What a stinker! (No pun intended!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miss Piggy Has a Bad Day

Poor girl! Yesterday was one of those no good, terrible, horrible, very bad days for Miss Piggy. She's very tender anyway, but she was at the end of her rope by 7pm last night!

The morning went by just fine, afternoon came and she was out playing with Kermit and a friend in the neighborhood. Kermit had mentioned something about climbing our fence and I told them they can't do that. Of course mom is not always listened to! Miss Piggy came in half crying because she'd scraped her knuckle on the fence and it was bleeding. After looking it over, I saw 3 slivers in it. So as I'm doing surgery to pull the slivers out, she confessed to climbing the fence even though she knew she wasn't supposed to.

I sent her back out and she raced across the street (we live on a corner, but it's almost a cul de sac) to Kermit and tripped on the street and scrapped off half of her elbow. Poor girl came back screaming, blood starting to run down her elbow. We patched that up for her and sent her back out with the boys. She's now up to 5 bandaids between her knuckle and her elbow.

About 30 minutes later she's crying AGAIN! Kermit in his excitement to play with his friend and knowing we like our gate shut, slammed the gate upon entering the yard, right in Miss Piggy's face. Luckily we had no slivers this time. Kermit felt so bad.

And finally the kids have devised this game of basketball where they shoot a ball into Baby Girl's swing (on the swing set). Miss Piggy was swinging next to it and someone shot a basket and totally missed, hitting Miss Piggy right in the belly. Not such a bad thing, but after the whole day of 'owies' it was too much!

Today is much better though! Her elbow looks rough, it still hurts, but so far, so good!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One of Those Special Moments with Kermit

Tonight as I was putting the kids to bed, I helped the girls with their prayers and then went into Kermit's room. After his prayers, I laid down next to Kermit. He likes our night time talks and loves to tell me his favorite part of the day (tonight was going to get ice cream and watching Full House). Tonight he told me that I was so beautiful, as beautiful as the pretty pink flower trees outside. Talk about making a mom happy! I told him I was glad he was my son, he told me he was glad I was his mom (this is a pretty normal routine we share). Then I told him that he fixed my broken heart. I had to copy this conversation down, because he is so cute! (sorry for 2 posts in one day, but I couldn't pass this up or I'd forget!)

Mama: When Angel Baby died my heart broke in a million pieces and I was so very sad. But when MJ (Our birthmom) told us that she wanted Master Chief and I to be your parents I was so very happy. Then when you were born and I held you in my arms, you fixed my heart so it wasn't broken anymore.

Kermit: So I'm like duct tape!

Then he grabbed me and pulled me close, planted a kiss on my lips and said,

Kermit: We're stuck together forever! Or maybe I'm glue, we'd stick then! Or maybe you have nails in your heart that I hammered in there.

After tons of hugs and kisses I finally pulled myself away so he could sleep. Once again, I'm so very thankful for my sweet son and so grateful to our birthmom MJ. Kermit has been one of the biggest things to ever heal my heart. I love to look at life through his eyes, a million miles a minute, but so simply and fun. I love you, Kermit.

11 Months Old Already!

Can you even believe it! Baby Girl is 11 months and I have no idea where the time went. I'm in denial that my baby will be 1 soon. Here are 11 fun facts about her.

Baby Girl is attempting to stand on her own now, gasp!
She loves wet wipes. LOVES to pull them out and play with them!
She says Mama and Dada.
She just has to be involved with whatever her big brother and sister are doing.
She nurses morning and night.
She eats like a horse and screams if she doesn't get fed when food is in front of her!
She has 4 teeth.
She naps two times a day, first nap for up to 4 hours, second nap about an hour.
She sleeps through the night!!!
She can take her socks off faster than we can put them on.
She loves animals, our new bunny Pepper makes her so excited!

We are beyond truly blessed to have such a happy and fun Baby Girl! I think all of our worlds here revolve around her!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter - Better Than Christmas

Easter was so much fun this year. The kids were anxious for the Easter Bunny to come visit them. They couldn't wait to find eggs filled with candy! Miss Piggy went to bed a little sad because she thought the Easter Bunny didn't bring toys.
Easter morning arrived and Miss Piggy quickly found out that the Easter Bunny does bring toys! Kermit and Miss Piggy got new scooters!!! They also got new church clothes, dresses Mama made for the girls, dress pants and socks for Kermit. They also got a new summer outfit and plants of their own.The fun part was finding the eggs. Miss Piggy would squeal when she found one. Kermit found eggs left and right, scooping up as many as he could! Baby Girl would then go crawl over to Kermit's basket and empty out those eggs, squealing and enjoying herself as well.
Baby Girl was hilarious. She knew something big was happening and she wasn't about to miss out on any of it. We put her down next to her basket and she was pulling things out and examining them faster than her big brother and big sister! She also got some new jammies! The funniest part though was when she found a Snickers Egg. She grabbed it, crawled over to Master Chief, into his lap and gave him the egg and said her little "uh uh" meaning, I want this! Master Chief opened it up and she went to town on it! We went to take it from her and she screamed and yanked it back, straight to her mouth! She was determined to eat that thing! Of course then we realized it had peanut butter in it and we should wait to give that to her, so we had to pull it away, she screamed and got pretty mad, but was soon distracted with her brother and sister's baskets!I've waited to post this until the girls wore their dresses to church, and that finally happened yesterday! So here are all our Easter pics!!!