Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miss Piggy Has a Bad Day

Poor girl! Yesterday was one of those no good, terrible, horrible, very bad days for Miss Piggy. She's very tender anyway, but she was at the end of her rope by 7pm last night!

The morning went by just fine, afternoon came and she was out playing with Kermit and a friend in the neighborhood. Kermit had mentioned something about climbing our fence and I told them they can't do that. Of course mom is not always listened to! Miss Piggy came in half crying because she'd scraped her knuckle on the fence and it was bleeding. After looking it over, I saw 3 slivers in it. So as I'm doing surgery to pull the slivers out, she confessed to climbing the fence even though she knew she wasn't supposed to.

I sent her back out and she raced across the street (we live on a corner, but it's almost a cul de sac) to Kermit and tripped on the street and scrapped off half of her elbow. Poor girl came back screaming, blood starting to run down her elbow. We patched that up for her and sent her back out with the boys. She's now up to 5 bandaids between her knuckle and her elbow.

About 30 minutes later she's crying AGAIN! Kermit in his excitement to play with his friend and knowing we like our gate shut, slammed the gate upon entering the yard, right in Miss Piggy's face. Luckily we had no slivers this time. Kermit felt so bad.

And finally the kids have devised this game of basketball where they shoot a ball into Baby Girl's swing (on the swing set). Miss Piggy was swinging next to it and someone shot a basket and totally missed, hitting Miss Piggy right in the belly. Not such a bad thing, but after the whole day of 'owies' it was too much!

Today is much better though! Her elbow looks rough, it still hurts, but so far, so good!

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Natalie said...

I know I'm cruel to laugh... but.... :) What a little trooper.