Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Belated Halloween!

Since it's a belated Halloween, let's look at pictures BACKWARDS!!!
Our adorable pumpkins... Mama's, made for Baby Girl! Kermit - who traced and carved his pumpkin by himself this year for the first time!

Mama made this one for Angel Baby! She'd be 9 and we bet she'd like witches!

Miss Piggy and her amazing Rapunzel pumpkin which she helped carve a little bit of!

Gram Gram was here and we got a wild 'hair' (no pun intended) and decided to suprise the kids with green hairThe kids couldn't figure out why we'd do such a thing!

Our family and the pumpkins before heading out to the neighborhood! Kermit and his amazing pumpkin. Miss Piggy and her beautiful pumpkin. Baby Girl LOVED her pumpkin and just wanted to look at her pumpkin! Trick or Treat!!! Kermit.... Black Spider Man! Miss Piggy.... Rapunzel! Baby Girl... Ariel!!!Kermit prepping his pumpkin!

Miss Piggy drawing her Rapunzel on her pumpkin.

Say Cheese! It's pumpkin carving time!Baby Girl LOVED the pumpkin guts! We had a fantastic halloween this year! Happy belated Halloween!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Kermit!!!

Kermit has turned 7 years old and is taller because of it.... at least that's what he thinks! Kermit wanted this lovely cake for his birthday, a boy after his mother's heart!!! We had a fun birthday party with all of his friends and he brought in some pretty great gifts. Among his favorites are his DC shirts and heel socks! This kid has a thing for clothes... (takes after his mom!)

Kermit is excelling in school. He is extremely fast with his math facts, understands how to tell time with the "hands" clock, can count his money very well and reads like a rock star. He is enthusiastic as his teacher puts it, lol!

Kermit loves to play the Wii and outside with his friends. He is such a good helper for his sisters and is the hardest worker you can find when it comes to outside work and helping Master Chief with wood. Kermit can out work a grown man, running circles while they rest, after a long days work!

Kermit is eager to learn new things and wants to do anything his dad does. He is his Daddy's pal, working and playing side by side. One day I heard the car start and massive giggling (I know, boys don't giggle, but it's the best word I can come up with!) from the garage. I went out to find Kermit and Master Chief running the car back and forth over pop cans to smash them up. These two boys were having the time of their life destroying these cans with smiles ear to ear. They like to find trouble together!

Kermit is quite the cook. He is an expert hamburger browner and I can't make a meal without him asking to help me. He is good at anything he tries in the kitchen. He made Key Lime Tarts with his Gram Gram a few weeks ago and they were heaven!

We are SO blessed to have Kermit in our family. We love him with all our hearts. Happy Happy 7th Birthday sweet Kermit!