Saturday, November 27, 2010

Master Chief - The Fisherman!

Master Chief is about to celebrate a birthday. He got his present early!!! He invited his dad and some friends out to a canyon a few hours away from here, hired a boat, and went steelhead fishing. In years past he's not been extremely successful. (read between they lines, he didn't get much) This year was totally different. They pulled in several HUGE cat fish and quite a few nice steelhead. Between him and his dad, they brought home 4 cats and 2 steelheads, leaving several back at the river. Way to go!!!!

Master Chief's Dad
Master Chief and his fishy.
Isn't he cute! (I can say that, I'm the Mama.)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Girl is 18 Months

Baby Girl has grown up way too fast. She's now a nursery loving little girl! What a joy she is in our lives.
Here are her current stats as of Wednesday... She's grown!!! We think it's from all the halloween candy!
Weight 20lbs 5oz - 4% (Up from 2%)
Height 32 inches - 53% (Up from 26%)
Head 47cm - 72% (Up from 25%)
I'm wondering if they measured her correctly. But, she is head heavy. We have to watch her very carefully in the bathroom because she loves the toilet and the bathtub. Infact, just last night after she got out of her own bath, Master Chief got her dressed and she went in the bathroom and jumped in Kermit's bath... clothes and all.

Baby girl is an amazing talker. But don't give her the phone unless you don't plan to get it back any time soon. She'll take the phone and run, talking people's ears off. Her list of words would take forever to list. I'm sure she quadruples Kermit and Miss Piggy's at this age, plus she's putting words together. We think it's because of having older siblings around.
Wuv You
Tandy (Candy)
What's that?
Read a book
Tank you.
Go Out
Get Down
Gampa (Grandpa)
Gamma (Grandma)
and then anything you ask her to say, as long as she doesn't have an audience, she repeats.
Baby Girl has an love for shoes. Oh my goodness does this little girl love shoes. I had no idea a baby could love them this much. She will wear anybody's shoes, no matter the size.
And can she ever give kisses. She freely gives kisses away left and right. She's very compasionate. If someone is hurt, she is right there giving hugs and kisses. She loves to say her prayers, folding her arms and bowing her head.
Baby girl also has a love for all things sweet. She is almost worse than me when it comes to chocolate. And she could eat you out of ice cream any day. (Like mother, like daughter) Then there's the halloween candy, excuse me... "tandy". A word I hear all day long as she grabs my hand and leads me to the pantry. She's an eater. She will only feed herself though. A little independent already. She eats more than her big sister (though that's not hard to do, lol). And she is not picky about anything she eats.
She's also started to climb. Just today she scared me to death with her 'simba truck' (long story, but it's a princess ride truck). She pushed it over to a wall, climbed up the seat, then on the steering wheel just so she could reach the light switch.
She keeps us busy! We adore her and are so thankful for her and the special place she has in our family.

Halloween 2011

My pics are rotten - blury and just yukky, from my phone. We trick or treated on Kermit's birthday since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year. Kermit was a ghost, Miss Piggy was a ballerina and Baby Girl was Piglet. We drove from house to house because not everybody was handing out candy. As we'd drive Baby Girl would fight to get in the drivers seat (we were driving house to house in my quiet neighborhood, getting out at each house). Then once we'd stop she'd make a beeline for the door to my arms so she could go get some candy. She is a candy girl and thought halloween was a pretty cool idea! Hopefully my mom has some good pics on her camera from the event and I will post them later.

Kermit Turned 6!

Isn't he cute! I wish I had pics from his party, but my camera is not working and the pics are on my mom's camera and she's been just as busy as I've been.
We had a fun swimming party at the rec center, shared with a friend in their class. It was a halloween party and we had a blast until I stepped on something rather squishy in the pool and found out it was poop. So the pool got cleared and I got to scrub my foot down.
Kermit has had a great year. He's started kindergarden and loves going to school to play with his friends. His favorite part of school is recess and lunch. He has a girl friend. She's a 2nd grader and very cute. We've had to have a talk with him to make sure he knows he can't kiss her, lol! I have caught him carrying her bag after school though! He's a sweetheart. He loves food and will come home from school with a full lunch box and when we ask him why he didn't eat it, it is because he wanted to either spend time with his girlfriend on the playground or with one of his buddies.
Kermit lives to be outside playing with his friends. Since school has started I've learned that he and his sister are pretty popular kids. They are constantly having friends come to the door to invite them out to play.
Kermit is reading very well and is ahead in his class. He and Miss Piggy get taken out during class time to a special class to teach them reading and writing while the other kids work on their alphabet.
Kermit's favorite things lately are Star Wars. If you know me, you'll know that I HATE Star Wars and this has been quite the adjustment for me. I'm constantly asked questions about characters on there and I haven't got the first clue. But I support him in his interests, so I am invaded by all things Star Wars.
Kermit is an awesome big brother. He is always helping Miss Piggy with things and constantly playing with Baby Girl. He loves to go get Baby Girl out of her crib in the morning and giving her candy.
We love our Kermit with all our hearts and are so thankful for him and for the blessing he is in our lives.

The End of our House Project... Carpet!

We finally got everything moved back in and things gone through and put in their place. Here is the living room carpet. We have this carpet throughout our house in each room. We love it. It is so much softer and CLEANER than the old carpet! Now that we have that done, I have time to do 1,000 other things!