Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Baby Girl is more of a handful that Kermit and Miss Piggy were put together.  She is fast!  And sneaky!  And she has perfected the blame game, while lying about what she did.  But today's naughtiness takes the cake.  I'm embarrassed to even tell everyone this, but it's a day we'll all remember. 

So this morning the kids were cleaning their rooms.  Kermit insisted on Baby Girls help, and every once in a while Baby Girl actually is help.  Well today Kermit was playing with putting his Nerf gun away.  He was shooting Baby Girl with it and I overhear her tell him, "If you shoot me one more time I'm going to poop in your room."  I thought, "Oh gosh, I should talk to her about using potty words (something we don't do at our house), but I'm going to let it go."  Choosing my battles today.  So I went to brush my teeth and Kermit came to find me and said, "Mom, Baby Girl just peed on my bed."  WHAT!!!  So I went to see if he was joking and he was serious.  I caught Baby Girl pulling up her pants and a huge wet spot on his bed.  I asked Baby Girl if she peed on his bed and she said, "No."  I asked her again and told her not to lie and she was silent.  I asked a third time and she quietly said, "Yes, he wouldn't stop shooting his gun so I peed on his bed." 

I mean REALLY, who does that!??!! 

I've decided that when Heavenly Father created her, he made sure to add in extra cuteness and lots of cuddles, the world's best hugs and most wonderful kisses because He knew she would be a naughty one.  It's a good thing we love her!

Update on our Summer Bucket List

We have had such a fun summer.  We have accomplished many of the items on our bucket list.  We still have just under 2 weeks left before school starts to accomplish just a few more things...  The * is next to the things we have done.

Summer Reading Program*
Play Teacher*
Eat Healthy Stuff*
Go to a party if invited
Keep our rooms clean*
Be safe*
Play the piano*
Play outside*
Make a cake*
Play with friends*
Go to a restaurant*
Go to Jump House*
Feed Pets*
Go Bowling
Go Swimming*
Go on a Bike Ride*
Go to the Library*
Go camping in our camper*
Go to the Aquirium
Go to the Zoo
Go to a Park*
Plan a party with friends*
Go to the Theatre*
Stay up late, eat pizza and watch a movie*
Go to Museum
Play date with Gabe*
Go to local favorite play place*
Go look at pet store animals*
Dinner with Missionaries*
Go fishing
Go to Grandma Kunz's house without mom
Make a new treat (doing this on July 4!!!)*
Make ice cream
Find a new park*
Swimming Lessons*

Kermit and Miss Piggy Stats

Going backwards yet again!  When school got out in June I took the kids in for their 7 year old well checks.  Yes, the kids were nearly 7 1/2 at the time and now that I'm journaling this... they are coming up on 8... anyway!!!

Their stats...
Weight: 63lbs, 8oz, which is the 89%
Height:  50 1/2 inches, which is the 74%
Kermit is growing very tall and doing wonderfully!

Miss Piggy
Weight:  39lbs, 6oz, which is the 3%
Height:  45 inches, which is also the 3%
Miss Piggy is not growing much, lol!  It's been a year and a half and she's hardly grown in height so we are going to watch her for the next year to see if she grows in height or not and then if not, look into the growth hormone.  That being said, I know she is growing because at the end of the school year her pants were getting short and she was even outgrowing her pants in the waist!!!  I never thought I'd say that about her.  So, she is fabulously small.  Hey, dynamite comes in small packages!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

In an attempt to do really fun things with the kids all summer long, we asked the kids to come up with list of things they wanted to do together.  After that we got a big poster and listed them all out with a calendar of dates already set!  We are having a blast this summer.  We started out by getting new bikes for the kids and a bike trailer for Baby Girl to be pulled in.  This has provided hours of family fun! 

Here is our "Bucket List".  The ones with * next to them, we have already done!  Many of them will be repeated.

Summer Reading Program*
Play Teacher*
Eat Healthy Stuff*
Go to a party if invited
Keep our rooms clean*
Be safe*
Play the piano
Play outside*
Make a cake
Play with friends*
Go to a restaurant
Go to Jump House
Feed Pets*
Go Bowling
Go Swimming*
Go on a Bike Ride*
Go to the Library*
Go camping in our camper
Go to the Aquirium
Go to the Zoo
Go to a Park*
Plan a party with friends
Go to the Theatre
Stay up late, eat pizza and watch a movie
Go to Museum
Play date with Gabe
Go to local favorite play place
Go look at pet store animals
Dinner with Missionaries*
Go fishing
Go to Grandma Kunz's house without mom
Make a new treat (doing this on July 4!!!)
Make ice cream
Find a new park
Swimming Lessons*

We are looking forward to a great summer!  I feel like now that we have hit the month of July our summer is half over with, we go back to school in 6 weeks, BIG BUMMER!!!  We have too much fun playing together!

Jack-O-Lanterns in June

June 25, 2012
Kermit officially became our Jack-O-Lantern.  The bottom tooth came out in May and I'm not sure why I don't have a picture, probably because it was bedtime, as in... he was in bed, got out of bed and asked me to pull his tooth out, so I was probably trying to hurry him back to bed so he wasn't too tired at school the next day.  I didn't even know his tooth was loose, and looking at it now, I still don't think it was loose.  There is still no tooth growing in the hole! 

Anyway, last night we watched The Tooth Fairy, a very cute movie by the way!  After that, the kids were trying to pull their teeth out like crazy!  Tonight Kermit succeeded and pulled this one out himself!  He was so excited and all we can do it laugh at his cute smile!  He's toothless!!!  He did earn $6 from the tooth fairy though for pulling it out himself!!!  Master Chief and I are slightly sad though, this tooth that came out was his chipped tooth from when he fell on the bars at the park broke his leg at the age of 2 and we can no longer call him "Chip".  I guess "Jack" will do for now!

Our Citizen Of The Month!

June 4, 2012
Each week at school they award a Citizen of the Week award.  Both Kermit and Miss Piggy earned their award during the year!  You get a paper award given to you in the classroom by the principal. 

They also give our a Citizen of the Month award and this is HUGE!!!  It is awarded in an assembly in front of the school.  Parents are invited to attend, but we are hidden away in a room so the students don't see who the parents are and then figure out who has won the award for the month.  We got a phone call inviting us to come watch Miss Piggy be awarded Citizen of the Month and we were so excited, I'm not sure how we kept it a secret! 

The principal at our school is beyond amazing.  She is so actively involved in the students academic career, she serves them lunch and then sits with them to eat her own lunch!  She was the one to award the Citizens of the Month and she suprised us by breaking out in song for some of the awards!  The creative teachers would write speaches to song and the principal actually sang the words.  It was so much fun. 

Mis Piggy's award was not to a song however, it was a poem!

Some would say we have saved the best for last. 
She certainly has ended this year with a blast.
As warm breezes blow and rain clouds depart,
She keeps on working with all of her heart.
While others might daydream of the summer ahead,
She remains focused on being a good citizen instead.
With kindness and friendship,
She helps those in need,
I know I can always count on her to do a good deed.
When the year is over and all is said and done
She'll feel proud of herself and just relax in the sun!
 When she turned around she was BEET red!  It was cute!

That afternoon, she got to leave campus and go to lunch at a local pizza restaurant with her principal.  Her principal asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she told her "A McDonalds worker".  Later I spoke with the principal and she was impressed with her answer because other kids answers were not realistic and Miss Piggy's was an answer that was realistic.  Miss Piggy later told us she was embarrassed by her answer, that she really wants to be an art teacher.  No matter what she does, she'll be great!

A Sneak Peak Into Our Summer Fun!

June 1, 2012
Our kids are so excited to swim this summer.  We've got our little pool all ready and swim lessons scheduled!!!  Only one more week of school before the real fun begins!!!

End Of 1st Grade Awards

May 31, 2012
Kermit and Miss Piggy worked hard this year.  They attend a Charter School, which is a public school, but you get in by lottery.  They have stricter rules, less students in the classroom and more teachers available.  They had a fabulous year.  They attended PE, Music and Computers.  The cool thing about Charter schools are that it seems they teach at an accelerated pace.  Comparing their kindergarten class to their 1st grade class is like black and white.  Kinder seemed like a preschool classroom, whereas 1st grade at the Charter school was hard work, lots of homework and an extreme amount of learning.  It was just what our kids needed.  By the end of 1st grade, Kermit was reading at a 2nd grade, 4th month into the year level and Miss Piggy was reading at a 2nd grade, 5th month into the year level.  Kermit was digging into 2nd grade subtraction even!  They work on Hall of Fame awards throughout the year and at this assembly they were awarded for their hard work. 

Kermit was awarded Addition, Subtraction, 2nd Grade Addition and Phonogram Stars.
Miss Piggy was awarded Addition and Phonogram Stars. 
Their report cards earned them donuts at Krispy Kreme.  Kermit got 6 donuts and Miss Piggy got 5.  The kids came home with comments on their report card that makes a Mama proud! 

My favorites were from the music teacher.  Kermit's said, "Kermit has continued to grow in maturity and self-control this year.  He has a sweet spirit and is full of positive energy.  I truly believe that he loves his time in the music classroom.  Make music a part of your summer fun, Kermit!"
Miss Piggy's said, "Miss Piggy has been a blessing to her music teacher on so many fronts this yar.  She models excellent behavior and shows an understanding of musical concepts that is rare for a child her age.  I wish her the best in her furure musical studies, as I know she will pursue this interest!  Make certain music is apart of your summer fun, Miss Piggy!"

Way to go my sweet children and best of luck in 2nd grade!!!  (how did you get so old!!!??!)

Memorial day 2012

For Memorial Day we had the awesome opportunity to go visit the graves of Mama's ancestors.  The trip allowed for us to stop along the way to see where my grandparents were raised.  It was one of my favorite days because I love my family history.  I am so proud of my family, how they have taught me many things and shaped me into who I am today.

This is the home my grandma grew up in.  There were 13 kids in her family and they all lived in this cute house.  It is a one bedroom house with a living room and later they added on a bathroom and kitchen.  All the girls slept in the bedroom with their parents, they had two large beds, and the boys slept in the garage.  Not all of the kids were at home at the same time.  3 children passed away and grandma's big brother got married 9 days before my grandma was born.  Nobody lives in the house now.
 We visited my grandma's parents grave.
 And their children.  My heart just broke for my great grandparents.  They lost their first baby at 13 days old, a little boy named James to pneumonia.  I never knew that my great grandma went through what I went through and I just cried, knowing that she felt the pain that I felt, in losing our first children, our babies.  I felt close to my great grandma that day. 
 Wilda was only 7 weeks old when she passed away from whopping cough. 
 And Arthur passed away at 9 1/2 years old to meningitis. 

We then traveled to see the house my grandpa grew up in.  I remember going to this house and visiting my great grandmother.  I remember the windows being bigger, but as a child, everything is bigger. Grandpa only lived in this house during the school year, during school breaks and the summer he was working up on the family ranch. 
 We visited my grandpa's parents grave.  Grandma Ruby was the only great grandparent I remember on my mom's side of the family.  (I do remember my father's, mother's parents)
 And right across from Grandpa's parents are my great, great grandparents grave!  It was raining very hard so we couldn't see the writing very well, but it was so neat to be able to see their grave!

I am so thankful for my family members who have passed away.  I love them and I love reading stories about them and getting to know them through family history.  I love them all so much.

Happy 76th Birthday, Grandpa Great

May 25, 2012
We were able to go visit Grandma Great for Grandpa Great's 76th birthday.  His stone was placed earlier in the month and for his birthday they put sod out on his grave.  It is beautiful up there.

Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest grandpa.  This was an incredibly hard day for us, we wish you were here, healthy and showering us with hugs.  We love you very much!!!

Kermit Plays Little League!

April-May 2012
Master Chief has some great video of Kermit playing baseball which I will upload later since he's not home right now!  Kermit had a great baseball season.  He generally played 3rd base, short stop, but had several opportunities to play 1st and 2nd base and occasionally he played catcher or outfield and pitcher once.  It was a coach pitch team and these coaches were amazing.  They were so motivating and supportive of all the players, it made baseball rock!

Kermit even had a few double plays in a game.  After that game, the coaches gathered everyone up and told the kids they were going to start something new and give the game ball to the player who played the best.  Kermit was the winner of the first game ball, with his double plays and amazing batting skills!  Way to go, Kermit!
At the end of the season the players all got medals and did a great team cheer!  Go Hurricanes!
I think we will be playing baseball for years to come!!!

Baby Girl Turns 3!!!

May 15, 2012
Baby Girl has been SO excited to have a birthday.  She watched Mama celebrate her birthday and mothers day and she has just been 'dying' to turn 3 and not be 2 1/2 anymore!  She now insists that she is no longer a baby but I think we've convinced her that she is a big girl, but will always be our baby!

The day started out great, Gram Gram and Grandma Great came out and while we waiting for Master Chief to get home from work (He was working night shift) she patiently stacked all her presents up in a tower!  Finally the time came and if you can see her face in this picture you will see she is so excited to get a Micky Mouse Clubhouse DVD.  She is very into Mickey Mouse right now!
She was so excited to pick out her own cake, she wanted a balloon cake and luckily Costco has a great one!

We celebrated by going out to McDonalds for her to play with her brother and sister in their playland and eat Happy Meals! 
Aunt S, Uncle B and cousins J and P sent her stickers.  Remember the bandaid obsession... stickers are another favorite!  And she never enjoys just one at at time... all stickers must be stuck on one's entire body to get the most enjoyment!
The day after her birthday we took her in to have her well check.  She is amazingly advanced, doing things at a 4 year old level.  She can draw a stick person, and a few letters of the alphabet.  As for her stats...
Weight 25lbs 8oz, which puts her at 4%
Heights is 37 inches which puts her at 50%

We finally moved her to forward facing in her carseat because while she doesn't hit the 30lbs, which is the recommendation, she is too tall to be rear facing.  She thinks it's pretty cool to be forward facing but I'm so glad we waited to turn her around because saftey is my priority!!!

We have so much fun with her.  She is a sneaky little thing, she pulls the greatest faces and is the worlds best hide and seek player.  She can hide in the greatest spots and be as quiet as a mouse.  It becomes scary when I realize she's playing the game and didn't tell us and we can't find her.  We can call and call for her and she stays still with her lips sealed. 

Baby Girl is a sensitive little girl, she tells us when her feelings are hurt and is great to tell us that she loves us.  She's a tease though and knows how to push Mama's buttons by telling me she's Daddy's best friend.  She does love her Mommy, but she is a Daddy's girl at heart. 

Baby Girl loves to dip all of her foods.  If I can provide a dip at dinner, I'm sure to get her to eat.  She loves to eat tomatoes, strawberries, chicken nuggets,fruit snacks, steak and ribs.  Oh and gum, she sneaks that too! 

Baby Girl is a great liar.  Oh my goodness, she is going to get herself in a lot of trouble!  Kermit and Miss Piggy are horrible liars, but Baby Girl can tell her stories with straight faces and true sounding things.  3 weeks ago I happened to walk into her nursery class and her nursery leader told me congrats, that Kaitlyn just said, "My mommy's going to have a baby!"  Luckily I was able to smash that story before it got spread! 

We adore our Baby Big Girl!!!  The last 3 years have flown by but we couldn't imagine life without you!


April 28, 2012
Master Chief's parents came up for a visit and when they come it's GAME TIME!!!  One of the things about Master Chief's family that I really love is that we play games until we can't keep our eyes open anymore and then we sleep a little and get up and play more!  Kermit loves to play our games and is very good at playing the harder strategy type games.  So when grandma and grandpa came for their visit Kermit played with us while the girls found things to do, like play school, color or watch a movie. I've always been told that my girls look alike, but since people have never met our sweet Angel Baby, they would never know that Baby Girl and Angel Baby could be twins!  So I never see the resemblance between Miss Piggy and Baby Girl.... until now!  They were sitting side by side and their profiles are identical!  So the lighting is rotten, but now I can see what everyone else can see!!! 

Our Toothless Gymnast!

April 26, 2012

Baby Girl Sillies

We constantly find Baby Girl doing silly things and of course we must capture each moment!!!  We went to what Master Chief calls "The Hog Trough" aka The Golden Corral.  She was too cute as she ate her cotton candy!!!

One night Mama went around doing her nightly clean up and this is what she found...

And Baby girl is facinated with bandaids.  She will sneak into my bathroom and steal them.  She's extremely sneaky with all things, snacks, fingernail polish, bandaids, markers, ect.  So when we found her little doll covered in bandaids all we could do was laugh!!!

And when Baby Girl wants to be cute, she will tilt her head and put out her hand like, "Well I am cute!!!"
Baby Girl is cute all the time!!!  She can be a stinker and she's still adorable!!!  She's the baby of the family, that's for sure!!!

Mama's Sunglasses

April 17, 2012
Strike a pose!  Mama's sunglasses are so much fun!!!

Baby Girl's First Trip To The Dentist

April 13, 2012
Baby Girl did such a great job on her first trip to the dentist!  We had her watch Miss Piggy and Kermit and she was so excited for her turn.  Such a big girl!!! And NO cavities for anyone in our family!!!

Easter 2012

We spent our Easter at Grandma Great's house!  We were all missing her and wanting to spend some time wth her and help with her yard work.  Plus the kids and Master Chief hadn't been up to visit Grandpa Great's grave so we went and had a fantastic time on the farm.  We played, worked and played some more!  We mowed, pulled weeds, tilled the garden and trimmed bushes.  We colored eggs and then the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs in the house and later Grandma Great and Mama hid eggs in the yard!

Then we went up to visit Grandpa Great's grave.  Miss Piggy had made a heart out of rocks at his funeral and Grandma Great has made sure it was well taken care of.  Kermit found a flower he wanted Grandpa Great to have and Baby Girl is just plain silly!
We all had a wonderful weekend.  We missed having Grandpa Great with us, but it sure was fun to go play with Grandma Great and celebrate our Savior's resurrection. 

Catching up! Miss Piggy and her Baby Quilts!

April 4, 2012
Miss Piggy was so excited to be getting 3 new baby cousins this year.  She was sad they were all boys, but she came up with an idea to have some fun.  She really wanted to learn to sew so she made these 3 quilts with mom's help for her new cousins!!!  Now that all 3 boy cousins are here, she thinks their pictures are all very cute, so it's kinda okay that they are boys!