Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update on our Summer Bucket List

We have had such a fun summer.  We have accomplished many of the items on our bucket list.  We still have just under 2 weeks left before school starts to accomplish just a few more things...  The * is next to the things we have done.

Summer Reading Program*
Play Teacher*
Eat Healthy Stuff*
Go to a party if invited
Keep our rooms clean*
Be safe*
Play the piano*
Play outside*
Make a cake*
Play with friends*
Go to a restaurant*
Go to Jump House*
Feed Pets*
Go Bowling
Go Swimming*
Go on a Bike Ride*
Go to the Library*
Go camping in our camper*
Go to the Aquirium
Go to the Zoo
Go to a Park*
Plan a party with friends*
Go to the Theatre*
Stay up late, eat pizza and watch a movie*
Go to Museum
Play date with Gabe*
Go to local favorite play place*
Go look at pet store animals*
Dinner with Missionaries*
Go fishing
Go to Grandma Kunz's house without mom
Make a new treat (doing this on July 4!!!)*
Make ice cream
Find a new park*
Swimming Lessons*

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