Monday, December 28, 2009

So, Catching Up!

I feel like it's been a long time since I've updated our blog. Shame on me!

Let's see, Miss Piggy got a cold that lasted for 4 weeks! Poor girl was just not feeling well. Usually when one kid gets sick, they pass it to another... right? I've never had my kids do this. They are usually both sick together, but it's always been sick with different things. Miss Piggy's cold included a fever and a cough followed by a runny nose. Kermit came down with a stuffy nose. That's it. (and thank goodness because with his asthma colds are so hard on his body) Then Baby Girl got sick and for the first time, I had two kids sick with the same thing. Kind of. Baby Girl got the fever and the cough, but then she got this crap streaming out of her eyes. Lovely. We took her in and she had double pink eye and an ear infection. Miss Piggy also had her ears checked because she was really having a hard time hearing. Her ears were stuck full of wax. Fun! So, everyone is better now life can go on!

Christmas was fantastic. The kids had a blast! We had our nice dinner on Christmas Eve and ate on our China. We wanted to eat on our nicest plates for our Saviors birthday. Then we watched Joy To The World and talked about Jesus. Finally we went for a ride to see all the lights. Master Chief and I enjoyed it. The kids were just DYING to get home to open up a few presents. Our Christmas tradition is to have the kids open a present from us (jammies)and for the kids to exchange ornaments they've purchased for each other. This year Kermit gave to Miss Piggy and she got Tinker Bell and Fairies. Miss Piggy gave to Baby Girl and she got a moon with a baby sleeping on it. Baby Girl gave to Kermit and he got a Shrek and Donkey one. The kids made ornaments at school for Master Chief and I. They were so cute! Christmas morning was great. Kermit tore through all his gifts and then was searching for more to open! Miss Piggy just read the first letter on the tags and since she and Baby Girl have the same first letter, she opened a few of Baby Girls presents. Baby Girl was totally LOVING the whole thing! She loved all the new toys but her favorite was her Water Baby from Gram Gram, Papa, and Uncle Nino. She took that baby and automatically put the bottle in her mouth. Where she learned this, we have no idea as she has never seen a bottle in her life! We spent the day playing games and just enjoying each other.Baby Girl is nearly 7 1/2 months. She's tiny still. When we took her in, she was 7 months 3 days old and she weighed 12lbs 10oz. Only 2oz more than a month ago, so we will be taking her in at 8 months for a weight check just to make sure she's gaining. But I suspect she is as she's feeling heavier! She is now sitting up and getting more and more vocal! She also started to eat baby biscuits and loves to feed herself!Master Chief will be promoted this next week. No pay increase yet though. If the economy can get better we will cross our fingers for a raise! The good news is that he will be switching work schedules and will be working the back end of the week making it so he can go to church with us!!! He's such a hard worker and it's nice to see that his company can see it too.

As for me, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and my time is spent sewing and dreaming up new things to sew! My first project is an apron for Miss Piggy's birthday. I've taken a pattern I found online and I'm chaning it up and making it my own. I'm having so much fun, but it's frustrating to only be able to work on it at night when the kids are asleep so I don't ruin her present!

So there's the updates. We feel extremely blessed and joyful. I wonder what 2010 will have in store for everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas... Dear Everyone!

Dear Everybody, December 2009

I’m not sure how I got this job; something about being the youngest and having no responsibilities. I don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m super busy. I have to learn all sorts of important things. Like, why does everyone get so excited about that fat guy in the red suit? I’m also busy rolling all over the floor and starting to sit up all by myself…. I think I’m busier than the rest of the family put together. I am the only one that gets so exhausted that I need several naps every day. Oh, and don't forget I have to keep practicing the things I learn, too. Mom thinks I’m really cute when I talk but her favorite thing I do is when I see her I squeal and get really excited.

Anyway, mom says I should talk about everyone in this thing. So how about my dad. I think he’s the greatest. He goes to work and then he comes home and scoops me up in his arms and wants to play. Sometimes when I wake up in the night I see him up playing that x box and talking to the TV. Mom tells me he’s playing Halo with his buddies but I think he’s just weird. He also loves to rub his whiskers on my feet and it makes me laugh so much.

Mom is with me all day long and we play a lot. Sometimes she is working with small shiny things that she calls beads. I’d love to get my hands on them, but mom says no because I’ll just put them in my mouth. Mom also plays in the kitchen with food. My favorite is when she makes me rice cereal and sweet potatoes.

My big brother Kermit is 5 years old and he makes me smile. He’s just so silly. He likes to hold me and let me play with his cars. He says he’ll help me to play baseball someday or teach me all about (insert our college football team here) football. He loves to go out and ride his bike. I wish I could go with him, but mom says I’m too little. He can write him name now and he likes to tell me all about the letters he’s learning in school. He’s so smart. I hope I’m as smart as he is when I grow up.

My big sister Miss Piggy is 4 years old but is counting down the days until she turns 5 in January. She has the coolest toys and she’s great about sharing them with me. Her ponies are my favorite so far, but her babies are also fun. She helps me to hold her babies. She can also write her own name and draws me all sorts of pictures of princesses and then tells me about the stories she reads in school. She pretends she’s a princess all the time and wears such pretty dress up clothes. I can’t wait to wear her dress ups and look just like her.

Well, this wore me out. I need to go have some lunch and take another nap. Merry Christmas and don’t touch the tree. (that’s what Mommy tells me all the time)

Love, Baby Girl (7 months)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Miss Piggyness

Miss Piggy has said a couple funny things, so I had to share.

Master Chief overheard her singing the song Teach Me To Walk in the Light. And this is how she ended it...

Teach me,
Teach me,
To not have head lice.

And the other funny is that I've trained her to answer people when they ask "How come you're so cute?" with "Because I look like my Mommy." And she's very good to use this answer each time. Then last night as she was walking away from us to go to bed I said,

M - "You're so cute."
MP - "Yep, that's cause I'm cuter than you are."

Then she turned around and left the room.

Master Chief and I about died laughing!