Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New pictures of the kids

Kermit and Miss Piggy's 4 year old pics.
Brother and Sister.Miss PiggyMiss Piggy just sitting there being kinda shy!Kermit, he loves his sports! Especially football.Kermit, isn't he getting tall! Just wanted to share our cute kids pictures with everyone. Watch your mail family members!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss Piggy's birthday party!

So Miss Piggy turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and it was finally time for her 'friend' party! I think she thought this day was her actual birthday! We gave her the option of a party at home, a pizza party or a swim party and she was SO excited to have a swim party. I thought we might be a little crazy to do a swim party with a bunch of preschoolers, but it was SO much fun. Miss Piggy wanted to stay in the little pool most of the time so she could feel more comfortable with touching the bottom and safely dunking her head underneath the water! Kermit had other plans. He decided he was big enough to go down the water slide... and they only allow one person at a time, so he went by himself! We were so proud of him! Of course Master Chief was there to catch him at the bottom! Kermit went down the slide 3 times before he decided that was enough! Being a huge water slide lover myself, I was delighted to see him take on this water slide challenge!

Then it was time to get dried off and finish the party. Miss Piggy was dying to open her presents and she ripped through them like a mad woman! Then it was time for her cake! She had requested a poka dot cake. I was so happy that it would be so simple! I was worried she'd ask for a pony cake or something more detailed.Miss Piggy is a pink kinda gal, so we set her table up in full pink! Mama called it the Pepto Bismal table! And a pic of her cake! Pink poka dots, of course!
So a big happy birthday to our special 4 year old! Master Chief and Mama are so proud of you and are so thankful to have you in our family. You are such a great sister to your brother and we know you'll be a big helper to your new little sister. You are always full of smiles and silly faces. You are such a good mommy to all of your babies and a big helper in the kitchen. So keep up the good work and remember that you are a daughter of God!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Smoothie Smiles

So the other day Mama decided she really needed a chocolate treat! So I thought I'd try out a Smoothie recipe. It was delicious.

1 Cup crushed ice
1 1/2 Cups Milk
1 pkg Chocolate Instant Pudding (3.5oz)
1 banana sliced.

The kids thought this was just great. They'd never had such an amazing treat before. I thought their smiles were pretty amazing... a face only a mother could love!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally, utlrasound pics to share

We've been really excited to share our ultrasound pictures with everyone, and thanks to my great friend Taffi, now we can!!! So here she is!

This is actually Mama's favorite picture! She's totally tumbling in this picture. She's a very wiggly baby and now we can see what she's doing!
Here we can see that she's got a great profile picture. Grandma D thinks that she's got Master Chief's forehead! Here we show a girl. Shocked the heck out of us. We really thought she'd be a boy! But that's a girl! Adorable knees and legs here! Mama is in love with her legs. Aren't they cute! She's got her mouth open in this profile picture! And a wave for the camera... So there you have it! Everything is going really well so far! Now we just need to let her cook and grow! The kids love her so much already. They are constantly kissing Mama's tummy and hugging the baby! Miss Piggy has been practicing changing diapers on her babies and is pretty good about rocking her babies as well, so this little one should be well taken care of by her big sister!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm so glad our kids love each other!

Our kids are the very best of friends. They are 10.5 weeks apart in age. Kermit was adopted at birth and Miss Piggy was born shortly after that! They've helped each other so much through life. Because Miss Piggy was premature, she was behind in a few skills. However Kermit showed her how to do everything! Miss Piggy didn't stay behind for very long at all. All she wanted to do was what her big brother was doing. Like when they got their first tooth. Kermit got his 4 days before his 1st birthday. Miss Piggy got hers 12 HOURS later!

We quickly set them on the same schedule, they napped together, ate together, bathed together. It was the only way to survive! Some moments were really funny when they were babies. How about the time Grandma was grandma-sitting and she tried to feed them sweet potatoes... we're told she had sweet potatoes all over the place! Or when Mama would feed them both at the same time, sitting on the floor, nursing Miss Piggy while holding the bottle in Kermit's mouth.

They really help each other out. When Kermit was learning to walk he had a hippo push toy. It was fairly light and would move pretty fast, making it so Kermit would fall because it was too speedy for him. So Master Chief found a way to fix that... he propped Miss Piggy up in the middle of it to weigh it down (not that she weighed very much) and that was all Kermit needed to learn to walk and to take his little sister for a ride around the living room! Kermit is always willing to give Miss Piggy a piggy back ride, including the oinking sound effects! You can often find them taking turns pushing each other on the swings in the back yard. And if one gets something like a treat, they make sure to get one for their sibling.

They love each other so much and I can't imagine what they'd do without each other. We're amazed every day at how loving they are to each other. This afternoon they sat down to watch a movie and the picture above is how I found them... Aren't they cute!