Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 34th Birthday, Master Chief!

This week we celebrated our Daddy's 34th Birthday!!! Here are 34 things about our dad.
1- He likes to tease
2- He loves to listen to music
3- He sings in the shower
4- He is a hard worker
5- He loves to play X Box (suprise there, huh!)
6- He prefers Mayo over Miracle Whip
7- He loves to fish
8- He wishes he could hunt more
9- He likes to keep things clean and organized
10- He likes to get the mail like Mama does, and he'll race her to the mailbox
11-He is a farm boy
12- He loves to play board games
13- He hates to run
14- His dream is to design something and get a patent
15- He loves cheesecake
16- He hates rollercoasters
17- He has a firm testimony of our Savior
18- He has a soft spot in his heart for his girls
19- He loves to have one on one time with Kermit
20- There isn't much in the way of food that he doesn't like
21- He doesn't like breakfast for dinner
22- Mt Dew is his favorite drink
23- He likes to take things apart and fix them, especially electronics
24- He is working very hard to earn a 2nd degree in Engineering
25- He loves to be outdoors
26- He always puts his family first
27- He is extremely generous and giving to others
28- He loves to just play with his kids, soccer in the street, games at the table, takes them to the movies
29- He would love to take Mama to Europe
30- He loves to sleep in
31- He loves jerky
32- He loves it when the kids ask to rub his feet with lotion
33- He tells some hilarious stories of growing up with his brothers and sisters. (I'm not sure how any of them survived each other's 'ideas')
34- He would love a pet skunk

I could go on and on! Master Chief is the most amazing man. He is the world's best father, most supportive husband and a dedicated worker. We love him with all our hearts and are so thankful to have him as our Dad.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kermit FINALLY lost a tooth!

Kermit has been so patient in waiting to even have a loose tooth! The funny thing is that he didn't even know he had a loose tooth. I think he gave up the thought of ever loosing a tooth! Then one night we asked him how his tooth was doing and he tried it out and the look of excitement that came across his face was incredible, he finally had not only a loose tooth, but a VERY loose one at that! He played around with it that night and finally Master Chief asked if he could wiggle it. Master Chief barely touched it and it fell right out. Kermit had no idea it came out even! He was so excited to put it under his pillow. He woke up to $5 the next day!!! Way to go, Kermit!!!

Miss Piggy has 2 loose teeth and Kermit has 1 right now. The Tooth Fairy might go broke soon! Mama is so behind in blogging, for her own records... this momentous event happened on November 13, 2011.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Belated Halloween!

Since it's a belated Halloween, let's look at pictures BACKWARDS!!!
Our adorable pumpkins... Mama's, made for Baby Girl! Kermit - who traced and carved his pumpkin by himself this year for the first time!

Mama made this one for Angel Baby! She'd be 9 and we bet she'd like witches!

Miss Piggy and her amazing Rapunzel pumpkin which she helped carve a little bit of!

Gram Gram was here and we got a wild 'hair' (no pun intended) and decided to suprise the kids with green hairThe kids couldn't figure out why we'd do such a thing!

Our family and the pumpkins before heading out to the neighborhood! Kermit and his amazing pumpkin. Miss Piggy and her beautiful pumpkin. Baby Girl LOVED her pumpkin and just wanted to look at her pumpkin! Trick or Treat!!! Kermit.... Black Spider Man! Miss Piggy.... Rapunzel! Baby Girl... Ariel!!!Kermit prepping his pumpkin!

Miss Piggy drawing her Rapunzel on her pumpkin.

Say Cheese! It's pumpkin carving time!Baby Girl LOVED the pumpkin guts! We had a fantastic halloween this year! Happy belated Halloween!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Kermit!!!

Kermit has turned 7 years old and is taller because of it.... at least that's what he thinks! Kermit wanted this lovely cake for his birthday, a boy after his mother's heart!!! We had a fun birthday party with all of his friends and he brought in some pretty great gifts. Among his favorites are his DC shirts and heel socks! This kid has a thing for clothes... (takes after his mom!)

Kermit is excelling in school. He is extremely fast with his math facts, understands how to tell time with the "hands" clock, can count his money very well and reads like a rock star. He is enthusiastic as his teacher puts it, lol!

Kermit loves to play the Wii and outside with his friends. He is such a good helper for his sisters and is the hardest worker you can find when it comes to outside work and helping Master Chief with wood. Kermit can out work a grown man, running circles while they rest, after a long days work!

Kermit is eager to learn new things and wants to do anything his dad does. He is his Daddy's pal, working and playing side by side. One day I heard the car start and massive giggling (I know, boys don't giggle, but it's the best word I can come up with!) from the garage. I went out to find Kermit and Master Chief running the car back and forth over pop cans to smash them up. These two boys were having the time of their life destroying these cans with smiles ear to ear. They like to find trouble together!

Kermit is quite the cook. He is an expert hamburger browner and I can't make a meal without him asking to help me. He is good at anything he tries in the kitchen. He made Key Lime Tarts with his Gram Gram a few weeks ago and they were heaven!

We are SO blessed to have Kermit in our family. We love him with all our hearts. Happy Happy 7th Birthday sweet Kermit!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What We Dreaded Most... Became A Piece Of Cake!

Baby Girl with a mouth full of GUM she earned!!! Potty Training that is.....

Whenever Mama got baby hungry before Baby Girl was on her way, all she had to do was think about sleepless nights and potty training and the baby hunger went away immediately!!!

When we were blessed with this little bundle of joy, the sleepless nights were hard!!! She didn't sleep through the night until 9 or 10 months... Mama was too tired to remember! And we still had potty training to get through! Ugh!

And then the time came. Mama had tried a couple of times... "Should we go potty?" "Let's go try the potty." And she refused!!! She would hold her pee until nap time when Mama put a diaper on her and then she'd pee her pants and not even care. We finally gave up.

And then Mama's cousin introduced her to 3 day potty training. BEST THING EVER. We did everything the same EXCEPT we changed our wording to her. Baby Girl is very much a child who likes to do things HER way! We started asking her to remind us when she needed to go. Then it was up to her. She pee trained in an hour!!! ONE HOUR!!! Easiest thing Mama has ever done!!! We even made a last minute, but absolutely necessary 5 hour trip on day 2. NO ACCIDENTS!!!

But we hadn't pooped yet. We tried cold baths, bribery, taking things away. And may we mention that the bribery was HUGE. Chuck E Cheese, a trip in grandma's convertible to the store to get a treat... just her and grandma, gum, Pepsi, ect. And she would poop her pants. NOTHING would convince her to poop in the potty! She'd take her panties off and dump the poop herself in the potty, but there was no way she'd do it IN the actual potty!

One of Mama's cousins told her that with her daughter they just had to be patient. And that is what we did. We just supported her when she had a poop accident.

And then she did it. All on her own, she went in and pooped on the potty!!!! Boy was she proud of herself!!! WHAT A RELIEF for all of us!!!

And now we have a fully potty trained 29 month old!!! She even night trained from the first day!

So glad that part is over with! Now she can stop growing up too quickly! It's crazy to think that 3 years ago we were just going through the early stages of pregnancy with her!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About Me - 1st Grade

1st grade has been extremely fun for the kids. At the beginning of the year carnival, the kids sang and did a fabulous job. Then we joined them outside and we played carnival type games. Kermit had a great time playing toss the chicken in the pot. The prize was a package of ramen noodles and that is one of Kermit's favorite things!!! Then Kermit went over to the dunk tank and hit the target, dunking a teacher!!! Miss Piggy spent her tickets getting face paint and cotton candy!

The kids are doing so much at school this year. Math, spelling, reading ect. They are learning so much and having a blast. Each day they are sent home with tons of papers that they've done in class. One day, these fabulous packets came home and I couldn't resist sharing them!

Miss Piggy's packet....
Miss Piggy at the templeWhen I grow up I want to be a doctor I have blue eyes. My hair is blonde. The best looking part of my face is my mouth. My favorite animal is dog. My favorite television show Spongebob. My favorite movie is princesses. My favorite color is pink. My favorite toy is Barbie. My favorite thing about school is I have a desk. I like myself because I have pretty. (She forgot to finish this line!)My favorite color is pink.

My favorite zoo animal is horse.

My favorite story is princess.

My favorite tv program is ??? (Even she doesn't remember what she was trying to write.) My birthday is January

On my next birthday, my cake should have princess candles. (This makes me giggle)

The present I want for mynext birthday is princesses.I like to eat candy.

I like to drink water.
Andrew's packet...When I grow up, I want to be a cop. (The colored people are our family)I have blue eyes. My hair is brown. The best looking part of my face is my hair. My favorite animal is dog. My favorite television show is batman. (This was news to us, lol) My favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda 2. My favorite color is red. My favorite toy is batman. (Again, this is a suprise - especially since I don't think he has any!) I like school because cade. ??? I like myself because hair. (He loves his Justin Bieber hair!)
My favorite color is purple.

My favorite zoo animal is snake.

My favorite story is Batman.

My favorite tv program is football.On my next birthday, my cake should have 7 candles.

The present I want for my next birthday is a basket hoop.I like to eat pizza.

I like to drink cocoa.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Going Backwards... Swimming Lessons!

This summer we were able to enroll all 3 kids in swimming lessons. Mama was in a class with Baby Girl! Kermit and Miss Piggy were in level 1 together and they both passed and moved onto level 2! The last 2 days of class Master Chief was able to come watch. So for the grandparents.... because I know you love to see pictures of your cute grandkids!!!! Here are some pictures of your little fishy grandkids!