Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Conversation With Kermit

Today during sacrament meeting Kermit leaned over to me and whispered in my ear...

K: "I want to be the bishop when I grow up."
M: "Really?"
K: "Yep, I really want to be the bishop."

I guess there could be worse things to want in life!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Girl is 15 1/2 Months... Time to Update!

Baby Girl is a hard kid to take a picture of! She is too interested in other things than slowing down to look at me and of course not smile!

Baby Girl just likes to run with the big kids. If Kermit and Miss Piggy are doing anything, she's got to be right there involved with them! She loves to go pick them up from school. As we walk onto the school grounds she starts saying "Brower, Brower" (Brother, Brother) She just adores her brother and sister!

Baby Girl is cutting her 1 year molars, she's got 2 prongs of 1 molar broke through and we hope the others come VERY quickly. She's miserable with them. We are hoping she likes to use her molars... it seems everything she eats she just swallows!

Baby Girl is talking a lot. She's putting words together even. When we were visiting with the dr for her 15 month check up she grabbed a book, sat down and said, "read a book." The Dr asked us if that's what she said because she was shocked to hear her so clearly and with combining words! She can tell you where her nose, ears, belly button, mouth and feet are. She knows what a doggie and cow says. She is just very aware of what is happening and what the right things to do are. If she wants to go outside, she'll grab her shoes, back up to you, sit on you and give you her shoes! Today she even said "Shoe". She loves to bring you bottle of lotion or hand sanitizer and have you put some on her hands to rub in by herself.

As for her stats... she's still a small one! But the Dr is pleased with her growth and says she doesn't look scrawny! And she doesn't, Baby Girl has a little pot belly that we love to blow raspberries on! Okay, the details...

Weight: 18lbs, 7oz - 2%
Height: 30 inches - 26%
Head: 45cm - 25%

We simply adore Baby Girl. To think that we never imagined we'd have another baby, we can't imgine life without her! She's so kissable!!!