Friday, July 30, 2010

Cute Kiddie Updates!

I've slacked off in my blogging! So here's a catch up...

Kermit is doing great with basketball. Last night he had a game and he made the first basket for his team! He blocked a shot from the other team and had a lot more ball time. He was on fire! And then he found a girl from his preschool class and he was smitten with her and I think the feeling was mutual. One time the ball even hit him in the head when a teammate passed to him but he was too busy watching this little girl! Of course he had a few dance moves out there as well even though he tried to get them all out in the parking lot. There was tons of improvement in his game though! He rocked it!

Miss Piggy is super awesome in her gymnastics class. She's been working on the beam a lot, learning to climb up on it, stand up on it, walk across it and jump off. Plus she's been working on the uneven parallel bars. This is strengthening her muscles so much! She's actually able to pull herself on a bar and flip over it now without any help! We got her a new leotard and she thinks it's the best thing ever!

Baby Girl is getting too big and is way too much of a helper! She is 14 1/2 months old and says many words now. Her vocabulary includes Mama, Mom, Dad, Dada, Doggie, Woof, Papa, Cheese, Wow, Uh oh, Woah, and we've heard her say buber (brother) and wub woo (love you) one time. Her favorite thing is the toilet. Gross, I know. I've caught her scrubbing it with the brush, and I've found my fingernail polish, her sippy cup and my belt inside of it. This morning Kermit was cleaning the bathroom and Baby Girl was helping him by scrubbing the toilet with Miss Piggy's toothbrush. We leave the lid down and she lifts it up. We shut the door and one of the other kids opens it and forgets to shut it. What are we going to do with her!!!

And Angel Baby... we are celebrating her 8th birthday on Sunday. We will be with Master Chief's family. I'm making a gorgeous cake, we will have a party and we will release balloons for her because 8 is such a special birthday.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kermit Plays Basketball!

Kermit is enjoying his basketball season. It is by far the funniest and cutest thing we've ever seen. The first game the kids had no idea what to do and were running in circles! Here is Kermit's second game, he's in blue.