Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mama's Skydiving in Picture!!!

Mama did it!!! Video will come, we are having issues with saving it to my computer. Here are a few pics though!Walking to the plane with my tandem jumper.Flying to our jump point. Right before we jumped I sat up on his lap and he buckled me to him and told me to cross my arms, arch my body like a banana and look up!This is it... walking to the back of the plane!And we jumped! I didn't dare look down when we jumped. I looked out at the sky and let him jump! It was a feeling like I've never experienced before. I wasn't scared, it was just unbelievable!Flipping around in freefall at 140mph for 1 full minute!!!Here the parachute is starting to open!And here we are SAFELY landing!We landed on our butts and I didn't even really feel it.
I got nauseated while we were coming down in the parachute, but it was so worth it!!! It was so much fun. There is nothing like this feeling! The freefall was my favorite by far!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Ride on a Motorcycle

Kermit has been DYING to ride our friend's motorcycle. Mama arranged a day for him to ride and Kermit was so excited! He got to ride around the block a couple of times and when he got back home, he got off quietly and walked away.

Miss Piggy wasted no time in jumping right up on the motorcycle, she wanted her ride. Mama was a little nervous because she's so small, but Miss Piggy was insistent upon riding. She went around the block a couple of times and came back with her arms out like she was flying, grinning ear to ear. Our generous motorcycle driver told me, "Man, she sure is your little dare devil isn't she!" Um, yes... she takes after her mother!

Miss Piggy was so excited about it, she talked non stop about the ride. Kermit however was quiet and didn't want to talk about it. Finally he told us that it scared him to lean when he went around the corners and didn't like putting his arms out like he was flying because that scared him too. I asked if they wanted another ride someday and Miss Piggy was a for sure yes, while Kermit was a for sure no. Kinda made me giggle because I thought it would be the other way around!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kermit and Miss Piggy Graduate from Preschool

I can't believe they are old enough to be done with Preschool! They've had such a great year and learned so much. At graduation they started out with the Pledge the Kermit led the group in it. Then they sang a cute song, naming each person in class, and they waved when their name came up! They showed off their rhyming, their days of the week in English and Spanish, the colors in English and Spanish and syllables. That was cute. The teacher would give each child a word like 'Montana' and they'd count it out with their fingers. Each child took a few seconds to think it through and count it out. When the teacher got to Kermit his word was 'Mississippi' and without a second to even think about it he smiled and said, "4". Everyone laughed because he was so cute!
Then the kids left the room and got their caps on and they announced each child to come to the front of the room, shook their hand and then they waited for everyone else to come up. They all linked hands and sang a song about being friends forever. It was all Mama could do to hold back the tears! After that, they handed out diplomas individually.Our little preschool graduates!Their teacher Miss Kamryn (Kermit's girlfriend).Their teacher Mrs. Des (she's married to Shrek, so Kermit can't have a crush on her, lol)

We are so very proud of our graduates. They are very ready for Kindergarten and so excited to go to school. Summer is going to be long!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Girl Turns 1

One year has gone by and it's been one of the best years of our lives. Baby Girl has brought us such joy and happiness. She loves to play right along with her big brother and big sister. She enjoys standing at the window or screen door watching them, reading with them or playing 'where's your belly button'. She is very pleasant and happy all the time. She's also very quick! She's faster than Kermit and Miss Piggy were at this age! And she LOVES to get into anything and everything. The wet wipes, the dish towels, the garbage, the movies... you name it she finds a way to get to it! She is still nursing in the morning, but loves her sippy cup of whole milk now! She also loves Reeses Pieces! Actually Baby Girl loves most any food as long as it's not too chunky. She still thinks she needs to swallow everything whole and not use her 6 teeth! Baby Girl is quick to give kisses, but doesn't offer hugs very often. She jabbers up a storm, but we only understand Mama and Dada. Oh, and Mama has trained her well... Baby Girl loves chocolate and ice cream, like mother, like daughter!!!

Here are her stats.

Weight: 16lbs 9.5 - 1%
Length: 27 3/4 inches - 15%
Head: 45cm - 50%

So, she's got a normal head size but for her, it's big! She's progressing with her weight, gaining nearly a pound in the last 6 weeks (since our last weight check), but she's also increased her activity, so the dr is not worried at all.

Alright, her birthday party... what a hoot! She loved it, all of it! Kermit and Miss Piggy thought it was great as well... sometimes helping Baby Girl too much, lol! And since pictures speak louder than words.... here we go!

Her "bestie" came to her birthday party! Baby Girl loves to play with her!Daddy's favorite thing to do is have Baby Girl sit on his lap and eat, so he bought her a BIG candy bar!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mama's Skydive Jump is Scheduled!

I made the call this morning. It's official. I am jumping out of an airplane on Friday May 28th at 11:00am! I did ask the gal on the phone if anyone had ever barfed before jumping and she said that occasionally it does happen, but not often! I might need to borrow one of Baby Girl's diapers though because I just might pee my pants!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Blog Title Comes to Life!!! Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama's life long dream has always been to skydive with her dad. She watched her father jump from an airplane twice as a young child and since then has dreamt of the day.

Master Chief pampers Mama all the time, but she NEVER thought he'd let her live out her dream! Mama turned the big 30 today and as a suprise, he purchased a skydiving trip for her and her father in Colorado!!! We will be there in 3 weeks!!!

Mama will free fall for 1 full minute at 130 mph!!!!! Then it will be a 5 minute ride to the ground. She will jump tandem with an instructor, while her dad does the same.

Mama is "flying" high today!!!!!!! She doesn't think turning 30 is quite so bad after all!