Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Ride on a Motorcycle

Kermit has been DYING to ride our friend's motorcycle. Mama arranged a day for him to ride and Kermit was so excited! He got to ride around the block a couple of times and when he got back home, he got off quietly and walked away.

Miss Piggy wasted no time in jumping right up on the motorcycle, she wanted her ride. Mama was a little nervous because she's so small, but Miss Piggy was insistent upon riding. She went around the block a couple of times and came back with her arms out like she was flying, grinning ear to ear. Our generous motorcycle driver told me, "Man, she sure is your little dare devil isn't she!" Um, yes... she takes after her mother!

Miss Piggy was so excited about it, she talked non stop about the ride. Kermit however was quiet and didn't want to talk about it. Finally he told us that it scared him to lean when he went around the corners and didn't like putting his arms out like he was flying because that scared him too. I asked if they wanted another ride someday and Miss Piggy was a for sure yes, while Kermit was a for sure no. Kinda made me giggle because I thought it would be the other way around!

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