Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Blog Title Comes to Life!!! Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama's life long dream has always been to skydive with her dad. She watched her father jump from an airplane twice as a young child and since then has dreamt of the day.

Master Chief pampers Mama all the time, but she NEVER thought he'd let her live out her dream! Mama turned the big 30 today and as a suprise, he purchased a skydiving trip for her and her father in Colorado!!! We will be there in 3 weeks!!!

Mama will free fall for 1 full minute at 130 mph!!!!! Then it will be a 5 minute ride to the ground. She will jump tandem with an instructor, while her dad does the same.

Mama is "flying" high today!!!!!!! She doesn't think turning 30 is quite so bad after all!


penguin0802 said...

Hope you stay safe. I'll be thinking of you. Enjoy your time with ur dad, flying high in the sky... lol.

Love you lots.

Gina Sims said...

I told you 30 wasn't so bad!

Ammon & Nicole said...

So when do you jump? Have fun! That is so crazy! I could never do it.