Friday, October 28, 2011

What We Dreaded Most... Became A Piece Of Cake!

Baby Girl with a mouth full of GUM she earned!!! Potty Training that is.....

Whenever Mama got baby hungry before Baby Girl was on her way, all she had to do was think about sleepless nights and potty training and the baby hunger went away immediately!!!

When we were blessed with this little bundle of joy, the sleepless nights were hard!!! She didn't sleep through the night until 9 or 10 months... Mama was too tired to remember! And we still had potty training to get through! Ugh!

And then the time came. Mama had tried a couple of times... "Should we go potty?" "Let's go try the potty." And she refused!!! She would hold her pee until nap time when Mama put a diaper on her and then she'd pee her pants and not even care. We finally gave up.

And then Mama's cousin introduced her to 3 day potty training. BEST THING EVER. We did everything the same EXCEPT we changed our wording to her. Baby Girl is very much a child who likes to do things HER way! We started asking her to remind us when she needed to go. Then it was up to her. She pee trained in an hour!!! ONE HOUR!!! Easiest thing Mama has ever done!!! We even made a last minute, but absolutely necessary 5 hour trip on day 2. NO ACCIDENTS!!!

But we hadn't pooped yet. We tried cold baths, bribery, taking things away. And may we mention that the bribery was HUGE. Chuck E Cheese, a trip in grandma's convertible to the store to get a treat... just her and grandma, gum, Pepsi, ect. And she would poop her pants. NOTHING would convince her to poop in the potty! She'd take her panties off and dump the poop herself in the potty, but there was no way she'd do it IN the actual potty!

One of Mama's cousins told her that with her daughter they just had to be patient. And that is what we did. We just supported her when she had a poop accident.

And then she did it. All on her own, she went in and pooped on the potty!!!! Boy was she proud of herself!!! WHAT A RELIEF for all of us!!!

And now we have a fully potty trained 29 month old!!! She even night trained from the first day!

So glad that part is over with! Now she can stop growing up too quickly! It's crazy to think that 3 years ago we were just going through the early stages of pregnancy with her!