Monday, July 2, 2012

End Of 1st Grade Awards

May 31, 2012
Kermit and Miss Piggy worked hard this year.  They attend a Charter School, which is a public school, but you get in by lottery.  They have stricter rules, less students in the classroom and more teachers available.  They had a fabulous year.  They attended PE, Music and Computers.  The cool thing about Charter schools are that it seems they teach at an accelerated pace.  Comparing their kindergarten class to their 1st grade class is like black and white.  Kinder seemed like a preschool classroom, whereas 1st grade at the Charter school was hard work, lots of homework and an extreme amount of learning.  It was just what our kids needed.  By the end of 1st grade, Kermit was reading at a 2nd grade, 4th month into the year level and Miss Piggy was reading at a 2nd grade, 5th month into the year level.  Kermit was digging into 2nd grade subtraction even!  They work on Hall of Fame awards throughout the year and at this assembly they were awarded for their hard work. 

Kermit was awarded Addition, Subtraction, 2nd Grade Addition and Phonogram Stars.
Miss Piggy was awarded Addition and Phonogram Stars. 
Their report cards earned them donuts at Krispy Kreme.  Kermit got 6 donuts and Miss Piggy got 5.  The kids came home with comments on their report card that makes a Mama proud! 

My favorites were from the music teacher.  Kermit's said, "Kermit has continued to grow in maturity and self-control this year.  He has a sweet spirit and is full of positive energy.  I truly believe that he loves his time in the music classroom.  Make music a part of your summer fun, Kermit!"
Miss Piggy's said, "Miss Piggy has been a blessing to her music teacher on so many fronts this yar.  She models excellent behavior and shows an understanding of musical concepts that is rare for a child her age.  I wish her the best in her furure musical studies, as I know she will pursue this interest!  Make certain music is apart of your summer fun, Miss Piggy!"

Way to go my sweet children and best of luck in 2nd grade!!!  (how did you get so old!!!??!)

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