Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Girl Turns 3!!!

May 15, 2012
Baby Girl has been SO excited to have a birthday.  She watched Mama celebrate her birthday and mothers day and she has just been 'dying' to turn 3 and not be 2 1/2 anymore!  She now insists that she is no longer a baby but I think we've convinced her that she is a big girl, but will always be our baby!

The day started out great, Gram Gram and Grandma Great came out and while we waiting for Master Chief to get home from work (He was working night shift) she patiently stacked all her presents up in a tower!  Finally the time came and if you can see her face in this picture you will see she is so excited to get a Micky Mouse Clubhouse DVD.  She is very into Mickey Mouse right now!
She was so excited to pick out her own cake, she wanted a balloon cake and luckily Costco has a great one!

We celebrated by going out to McDonalds for her to play with her brother and sister in their playland and eat Happy Meals! 
Aunt S, Uncle B and cousins J and P sent her stickers.  Remember the bandaid obsession... stickers are another favorite!  And she never enjoys just one at at time... all stickers must be stuck on one's entire body to get the most enjoyment!
The day after her birthday we took her in to have her well check.  She is amazingly advanced, doing things at a 4 year old level.  She can draw a stick person, and a few letters of the alphabet.  As for her stats...
Weight 25lbs 8oz, which puts her at 4%
Heights is 37 inches which puts her at 50%

We finally moved her to forward facing in her carseat because while she doesn't hit the 30lbs, which is the recommendation, she is too tall to be rear facing.  She thinks it's pretty cool to be forward facing but I'm so glad we waited to turn her around because saftey is my priority!!!

We have so much fun with her.  She is a sneaky little thing, she pulls the greatest faces and is the worlds best hide and seek player.  She can hide in the greatest spots and be as quiet as a mouse.  It becomes scary when I realize she's playing the game and didn't tell us and we can't find her.  We can call and call for her and she stays still with her lips sealed. 

Baby Girl is a sensitive little girl, she tells us when her feelings are hurt and is great to tell us that she loves us.  She's a tease though and knows how to push Mama's buttons by telling me she's Daddy's best friend.  She does love her Mommy, but she is a Daddy's girl at heart. 

Baby Girl loves to dip all of her foods.  If I can provide a dip at dinner, I'm sure to get her to eat.  She loves to eat tomatoes, strawberries, chicken nuggets,fruit snacks, steak and ribs.  Oh and gum, she sneaks that too! 

Baby Girl is a great liar.  Oh my goodness, she is going to get herself in a lot of trouble!  Kermit and Miss Piggy are horrible liars, but Baby Girl can tell her stories with straight faces and true sounding things.  3 weeks ago I happened to walk into her nursery class and her nursery leader told me congrats, that Kaitlyn just said, "My mommy's going to have a baby!"  Luckily I was able to smash that story before it got spread! 

We adore our Baby Big Girl!!!  The last 3 years have flown by but we couldn't imagine life without you!

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