Monday, July 2, 2012

Kermit Plays Little League!

April-May 2012
Master Chief has some great video of Kermit playing baseball which I will upload later since he's not home right now!  Kermit had a great baseball season.  He generally played 3rd base, short stop, but had several opportunities to play 1st and 2nd base and occasionally he played catcher or outfield and pitcher once.  It was a coach pitch team and these coaches were amazing.  They were so motivating and supportive of all the players, it made baseball rock!

Kermit even had a few double plays in a game.  After that game, the coaches gathered everyone up and told the kids they were going to start something new and give the game ball to the player who played the best.  Kermit was the winner of the first game ball, with his double plays and amazing batting skills!  Way to go, Kermit!
At the end of the season the players all got medals and did a great team cheer!  Go Hurricanes!
I think we will be playing baseball for years to come!!!

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