Monday, July 2, 2012


April 28, 2012
Master Chief's parents came up for a visit and when they come it's GAME TIME!!!  One of the things about Master Chief's family that I really love is that we play games until we can't keep our eyes open anymore and then we sleep a little and get up and play more!  Kermit loves to play our games and is very good at playing the harder strategy type games.  So when grandma and grandpa came for their visit Kermit played with us while the girls found things to do, like play school, color or watch a movie. I've always been told that my girls look alike, but since people have never met our sweet Angel Baby, they would never know that Baby Girl and Angel Baby could be twins!  So I never see the resemblance between Miss Piggy and Baby Girl.... until now!  They were sitting side by side and their profiles are identical!  So the lighting is rotten, but now I can see what everyone else can see!!! 

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