Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Baby Girl is more of a handful that Kermit and Miss Piggy were put together.  She is fast!  And sneaky!  And she has perfected the blame game, while lying about what she did.  But today's naughtiness takes the cake.  I'm embarrassed to even tell everyone this, but it's a day we'll all remember. 

So this morning the kids were cleaning their rooms.  Kermit insisted on Baby Girls help, and every once in a while Baby Girl actually is help.  Well today Kermit was playing with putting his Nerf gun away.  He was shooting Baby Girl with it and I overhear her tell him, "If you shoot me one more time I'm going to poop in your room."  I thought, "Oh gosh, I should talk to her about using potty words (something we don't do at our house), but I'm going to let it go."  Choosing my battles today.  So I went to brush my teeth and Kermit came to find me and said, "Mom, Baby Girl just peed on my bed."  WHAT!!!  So I went to see if he was joking and he was serious.  I caught Baby Girl pulling up her pants and a huge wet spot on his bed.  I asked Baby Girl if she peed on his bed and she said, "No."  I asked her again and told her not to lie and she was silent.  I asked a third time and she quietly said, "Yes, he wouldn't stop shooting his gun so I peed on his bed." 

I mean REALLY, who does that!??!! 

I've decided that when Heavenly Father created her, he made sure to add in extra cuteness and lots of cuddles, the world's best hugs and most wonderful kisses because He knew she would be a naughty one.  It's a good thing we love her!

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Gina Sims said...

Oh dear!!!! I am sure that Heavenly Father sent you that good sense of humor for that cute little package too! What a girl!!!