Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Girl Sillies

We constantly find Baby Girl doing silly things and of course we must capture each moment!!!  We went to what Master Chief calls "The Hog Trough" aka The Golden Corral.  She was too cute as she ate her cotton candy!!!

One night Mama went around doing her nightly clean up and this is what she found...

And Baby girl is facinated with bandaids.  She will sneak into my bathroom and steal them.  She's extremely sneaky with all things, snacks, fingernail polish, bandaids, markers, ect.  So when we found her little doll covered in bandaids all we could do was laugh!!!

And when Baby Girl wants to be cute, she will tilt her head and put out her hand like, "Well I am cute!!!"
Baby Girl is cute all the time!!!  She can be a stinker and she's still adorable!!!  She's the baby of the family, that's for sure!!!

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