Monday, February 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date Night!

Miss Piggy asked her Daddy out on a date! There was a dinner and dance this last weekend and Miss Piggy was so excited about it! Truth be told, Master Chief was excited too! Master Chief got Miss Piggy a corsage to match her dress!A kiss for a special Daddy!That night they went to dinner at a church that was sponsoring the Boys and Girls club. They ate pasta and cookies! Then they went off to the dance. They were a bit early, so Master Chief set Miss Piggy on his lap and let her drive in the parking lot!!! Once they got into the dance, they got their picture taken, faces painted and then it was time to dance!!!

The local Newspaper was there taking pictures and this picture made it up on their website! Looks like both Miss Piggy and Master Chief were having a great time.

Miss Piggy won a prize and was the very first to win a prize that night for her awesome dance moves. She won a cute stuffed bunny! Later she won a necklace for being inside a hoola hoop when the music stopped.

What a great memory for both Daddy and Daughter!

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