Saturday, May 9, 2009

Master Chief is a very Smart, Super Hero, Geek!

Master Chief is so awesome. Aside from being the most wonderful father and husband, taking care of the entire family while Mama has been on bedrest, working full time, going to school, re-organizing the house, he's also a fix it man!
Master Chief also has a small second job where he drives a semi truck for his uncle picking up wood bins.
With the economy being the way it has been, building companies have not been producing as much wood and topped with the cold weather through the winter, people take the extra wood home to burn, so we are left with very little wood! So the truck hasn't been driven all winter long. We finally had a run to make and guess what!?! The truck wouldn't start! We took days to get it jumped, batteries charged and all ready to go. The night we finally got it running, Kermit said, "Daddy, you're a Super Hero!" Of course then the air lines were broke and Master Chief had to cobble together a fix for that as well! But he's our Super Hero and we were excited to get it fixed! Way to go Master Chief!

Then Master Chief became a Super Hero yet again... for himself this time! Some of you may know that Master Chief is the big guy Hero or something on Halo for the X Box. Our Master Chief LOVES the X Box. It is his favorite thing to do in his free time. It's a great time for him to play with his brothers, uncles and cousins. Plus when he works the night shift, it's something entertaining to do while he stays up all night to prepare for working nights each week. So, it's a staple in our house! Anyway, the new X Box 360's have this huge manufacturing problem where you get this 3 light ring of death. It's not a fixable thing. If you haven't opened your box up and broke the seals, then you can send it in and get it fixed under a warranty. Well Master Chiefs X Box was bought used, had been through a fire, and had been opened up. So Master Chief, being the electronics major (geek) that he is tore into it. He worked on it and the more he worked the more depressed he got. Mama was beginning to think we were going to have to plan a memorial service for the stupid box! And then a miracle happened. My geek fixed it! He fought like heck and defeated this death sentance! So he was his own Super Hero!!! Way to go, Master Chief.

And before we stop bragging on our Super Hero Geek... I'd just like to mention that his Calculus 3 class is FINALLY over! It was a pain in all of our butts! I've never seen so much homework for one class. Master Chief worried about it and figured he'd be lucky to get a C out of the class. Guess what... He got a B!!!!!

So he's a very smart, Super Hero, Geek! But we love him!