Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Girl's Stats

We took Baby Girl in for her 4 month check up this week. She's growing like a weed! At her last appt she was 3 1/2 months (we were there for what we thought was an ear infection, we found she has silent reflux instead) and she weighed 10lbs 8oz. So just 2 weeks later at her 4 month check she was 11lbs 8oz. She gained a whole lb in 2 weeks! Guess the new reflux med is working!!! So at this weight, she is in the 10%. Her height is 24 inches putting her in the 45%. She must get her height from Papa! (Mama's dad).

So this month, she is really into giggling, smiling and talking our ear off! She blows raspberries and jabbers all day long! She is a social eater, meaning she'll take a swallow, then talk, take another swallow and talk some more! She just started playing with toys. She'll reach for her hanging toys and pull them to her mouth. Thankfully she's starting to be happier in her carseat. She used to cry most of a car ride. Now as long as she can see her sister next to her or she isn't too hot she is a happy passenger! She's not rolling yet - she hates every minute of her tummy time every day! You'd think she'd learn to flip over!

She adores her brother and sister. Whenever she starts to get hungry and Mama can't get to her right away, all Mama has to do is call for Kermit or Miss Piggy (if they aren't there all ready) to talk to her and she happys right up! Kermit and Miss Piggy fight over who gets to hold her during the day. They contstantly are trying to share toys with her and she just loves the attention!

We are so blessed to have such great kids and the kids are so lucky to have each other! We can't believe our baby is 4 months old already! Time just flies by these days, but I think that just means we are having fun!


Ammon & Nicole said...

I'm glad her reflux is getting better! That's no fun! It is hard to believe our babies are getting bigger so fast! Piper will be 5 months in 1 week! Holy Moly! Time flies!

Gina Sims said...

So glad that the medicine is helping her! Your kids are so darn cute! I love how much Kermit & Miss Piggy love Baby Girl!