Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Kermit Hair Cut!

This kids hair grows like a weed! We can mow it down one day and 2 weeks later he needs to be clipped again! Kermit has his very own opinion about many things. He will only wear certain clothes and shoes. They have to fit just perfectly, not too big and not too small. So when it comes to his hair, we've been very lucky Mama convinced him to buzz it for the summer. Well, wait I guess Uncle Paul was the one who started that, remember this? So Kermit has asked for a mohawk. He kept asking for one! And then Uncle Nino got one.So then Kermit was sure that is what he needed. Master Chief told him we should spray paint it blue and orange, Kermit was all over that idea! Mama said "NO WAY!!!"
When mohawk day arrived, Kermit told Miss Piggy and Mama that we had to stay in the house (they were cutting it outside) because he didn't want us to see him get it cut. He made sure to even shut the curtains so we wouldn't see!

And then he showed us what he'd done.
Mama was speechless to say the least. She wanted to be really mad at Master Chief for going against her wishes of no dye! Good thing she was totally speechless! Then Master Chief said, "Would it make any difference to you if I told you it was halloween WASHABLE dye?"

So here is our silly Kermit. They couldn't find any orange dye, so blue it was. He wore it to school (without the dye) and then we buzzed it off for church on Sunday!

And of course here with no blue dye!


Flutterbug said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks!

Jenni said...

We love it!!

Ammon & Nicole said... mohawk! That's awesome! Greyson's hair grows just as fast...kinda gets annoying!