Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday's, Halloween, Dr's appts, Rice Cereal and Baby Girl, but not all at once!

Kermit had a birthday! Our little boy is 5 years old!!! He is such a sweetheart. We got him Toy Story toys, Woody, Buzz and Jessie. He's been asking for them for weeks now! Then we got him a bigger bike! The picture of course shows training wheels, but we took those off right away! His birthday party was that same day. It was a bowling party! We had 9 kids there and only one injury... lovely blood running down a friends neck... ya we felt like great people! The little boy tripped over a step while holding a bowling ball, and cracked his chin open. Aside from that, it was an awesome experience. Kermit is a really good bowler and scored 94 points! He's got a mean arm on him, but he is naturally athletically talented.
After we got home from the party he was suprised with Gram-Gram, Papa and Uncle Nino showing up and then we went out to Chinese, one of Andrew's favorites! He's got a love for spicy food, and thinks orange chicken is fantastic! Oh, he's a cutie!

Halloween was fun this year. Kermit took to the streets in a run while Miss Piggy walked very princess like from house to house. About 20 minutes into it, Kermit was pooped and ready to go home. Miss Piggy was not about to stop as she was not tired at all! Kermit's Pumpkin, Uncle Nino's Pumpkin and Miss Piggy's Pumpkin - complete with a bow on top!
Miss Piggy was the most beautiful Ariel Princess, all decked out in make up even.Baby Girl was the best smelling skunk around!
Kermit was the most active Luigi ever!Aren't the kids cute!Dr's Appointments
We scheduled all three kids for their well checks at the same time. Never do that! It was way too much information to take in all at once! All three kids were fantastic until shot time came! Baby Girl and Miss Piggy each got 4 shots, Miss Piggy also got the flu mist, while Kermit had to get 5 shots, since he can't have the mist due to his asthma. Oh my goodness, you'd have thought the world was coming to an end. The kids were prepared for the shots, well I should say, shot, not shotS. We thought they'd only get one. We thought Miss Piggy was going to break the table with her heels when she kicked so hard! Kermit was so strong he lifted the nurse off the floor with his legs! But when it came down to it, Miss Piggy was able to count to 10 and be calm about it, while Baby Girl and Kermit screamed. Poor kids. Here's their stats though...
43.6lbs 70%
44 1/2 inches 80%
Miss Piggy
30lbs 3% (can you believe she finally hit 30lbs!!!)
39 1/2 inches 10%

Baby Girl
12lbs 8oz 3% (dropped from 10%, but the dr is not worried)
24 3/4 inches 20%

Kermit and Miss Piggy both had their vision checked out, they are both 20/30. All together it was a good appointment, but long... 2 1/2 hours long!

Rice Cereal and 6 months old!
We finally started Baby Girl on rice cereal. That first night she loved it and went for a second bowl. She's not been a fan of it since. Master Chief gave her some green beans the other night and that first night was okay, but once again is not a fan anymore. We had to include the pics though! Oh, and she's still not sleeping through the night the little stinker! She is 6 months 1 week old. She is still the happiest baby ever, but she doesn't get a chance to be upset, her big brother and sister don't let her make more than a half a peep before they are at her side playing with her!
First Rice Cereal! 6 months 1 day old.Finger licking good, I'll have more please!Green Beans has been all three kids first veggie!Baby Girl LOVES to play in her ExerSaucer, much more than big brother and big sister ever did! Of course her time would not be complete without Kermit sharing his hat with her!Baby girl is also rolling over both ways and that is her new mode of transportation. She starts at one end of the room and ends up in the next in a matter of minutes! She's also found her feet and thinks they are quite tasty! She of course learned all this new stuff in one week. She is growing up way too fast!


Miss Marci said...

Jami your kiddos are growing up WAY to fast! I can't believe Andrew is 5 already! Good gracious!! He's got quite the bowling form, though. :) Love the Halloween costumes, Jeff will be jealous of the Luigi costume when I show him. Oh and I'm mailing you a check this week for that bracelet! Love ya!

Gina Sims said...

What a way to catch up! Your kids are adorable! I cannot believe how big baby girl looks, she is growing & changing so much! Wish we got to see you more!
Love ya,

Caitlin and Jared said...

I love the Halloween costumes!

Deters said...

Very cute updates! And I think that your skunk is adorable. I happened to have two skunks for Halloween myself this year. Tiig even had the exact same costume (TCP, right). Too fun. Great pictures.

Jenni said...

Holy moly that's a cute skunk!