Friday, January 15, 2010

What Mama has been up to

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and I've been having some fun!

My first project was an apron for Miss Piggy's birthday.And my second project was a new purse/bag. This was a little more challenging as the directions are wrong on the pattern! My mom and I made these 2 bags but we feel like we've made about 12 after having to unpick a zillion times!

As a note, somehow my mom and I always end up with projects where directions are not right. A few years ago we decided to paint her living room wall. We did a belagio faux. SEVEN coats later I called the Behr people and they confirmed that you can not do it on a textured wall and agreed that they should put that somewhere in their directions.

At least we have fun creating these memories!


Jenni said...

Very cute--you are so talented!

Natalie said...

How I wish I could sew! I ENVY YOU! And to get past the glitch in the pattern.... pretty impressive. :) ADORABLE PROJECTS!

Ammon & Nicole said...

Good job! Those all turned out so cute! I, too, have been trying to put my sewing machine to good use. But I'm still a retard when it comes to patterns.