Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrate With Me!!!!!!!

We have three reasons to celebrate!!!

1- The kids are back to healthy again... They've all battled a fever and rotten cold and are on the mend. Kermit has pink eye now, but at least it's not a fever! Let's hope we don't share this though!

2- Baby Girl's Dr told us to try this lotion called Vanicream for her dry excema filled skin. We put it on her twice a day and WOW, her skin is beautiful!!! We are thrilled.

3- After 9 months of what Mama calls "No Sleep for Mom" Baby Girl is sleeping through the night finally!!!!!!! She goes to bed at 8:30 and sleeps until 9 the next morning! Now if Mama would stop getting up to go check on her, she might get a full nights sleep too!


Flutterbug said...

Yay for all 3!!!

Natalie said...

WOW!!! THAT MUCH SLEEP! Lucky mom!

Gina Sims said...

Where do you get this cream in #2? Kade has horrible excema on his legs I would love to try it!
Awesome news for your house!

ditndetes said...

I could only find it at Walgreens, but before I found it I called my dr's office and they said you normally have to ask your pharmacist to order it in for you. It was $12.99 at Walgreens in the lotions section.

Gina Sims said...

Thank I will give that try.

Camisha Gollaher said...

I was going to ask Gina's question...Must be a Deters' thing to all have kids w/ "Zema." My kids have it bad and so do I!!! I'll be on the lookout!!! Thanks for the tip- and HOORAY for your celebrations!