Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not Quite 2 But Full of Trouble!!!

Daddy's Notes: Who would have thought Daddy's little sweetheart could be so naughty. Baby girl has always had her daddy's heart. Daddy tends to cave on just about anything. A snack just before lunch, a bite of his sandwich, a sip of his soda, he's even been known to take her out of bed at bed time, per her request, and hold her while rocking her to sleep. I just can't turn down that little face. I can see I am in trouble because baby girl has hit the terrific-able two's........She is into EVERYTHING!!! If there is a girl version of Dennis the Menace, baby girl would be just that. Whatever you are doing, she wants to be your little helper and a lot of help she is too! She can be found in the most unexpected places doing the most unexpected things.A few examples........ Baby girl decides when she is hungry she will eat. Most anything goes really in this case, sour cream is a delectable treat.
Baby girl insists on doing things by herself without telling anyone! You will notice she can put on her own lipstick.
Of course when you catch her in trouble we get her world famous snarl.

Learning how to react is half the battle. I sure do love my baby girl!


Bickmore's said...

She is so cute when she is getting into trouble!

Gina Sims said...

I just LOVE it!

Ammon & Nicole said...

She is definately related to her cousin Piper!