Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camping.....Just the boys!!

This last weekend just the boys went camping. I being dad was thrilled to have my bestest buddy going with me to the father and sons campout. We packed all we could think of to have a good time.

We started out writing every thing down on a list that we needed but that got old and dad got too impatient as Kermit is still figuring out how to spell all of those big words. It became easier to just gather things and stack them in a "to go pile".

Kermit enjoyed making up a menu and we planned for snacks!! We made it to the sight and pitched our tent. Then it was dinner. I don't know a boy there who enjoyed their hotdog more than mine. He had catsup and mustard all over his face.

After our campfire devotional, Kermit told me it was time for bed. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to play with the others for a while.
Nope he said, I just wanna go to the tent sit in there and talk, eat chips, drink soda, and fart.
So with a smile I asked what are we gonna talk about?
He replied, what we wanna be when we grow up! I told him I had no idea but would like to hear his.
He then told me he would be a cop and arrest me for speeding.
I asked if he would really do that to his own dad?
He just chuckled!!

I appreciated the time I got to spend with him. He said he had a great time too. Who knows how long he will enjoy his one on one time with me in the future.

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