Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

A few fun, yet totally random thoughts... But it's a Monday, so it's okay!

-Miss Piggy loves to wear skirts and dresses. I am not sure where she gets this from because I hate to wear a dress! Today I told her that she would be best to wear shorts since I was planning a trip to the park with the kids. A few minutes later I found her curled up in her bed in tears because she just really wanted to wear a skirt. Luckily I found a skirt with shorts attached and we were both happy!

-Kermit cracked me up today. We were at Michaels and he wanted to push Baby Girl in the cart. As we were leaving, there was a lady right in the middle of the doorway who was not paying attention to the fact that nobody could get around her. So Kermit kindly said, "Excuse me." I was relieved that he used his manners and didn't just plow through her!!! So I complimented him in using his manners. Once we got to the car he went to put the cart away and once again said, "Excuse me" because he wanted around me. As we were backing out of our parking spot I had my head turned so I could see behind me and I caught Kermit's eye. So I stuck my tongue out at him. (we are always teasing each other and I thought I was being funny) Kermit said, "Mom, that's not using your manners." I thought to myself, 'dang, he's right!' And then Kermit said in a very reflective tone, "I used my manners once..... NO, I've used them twice!!!" and it sounded like in his whole life he's only used them once... no twice! It made me laugh!!!

-Baby Girl. I can't post random things without mentioning something about her, but I don't have anything huge to mention this time. But I will make note that she likes to strip down naked. She was taking her pants off at the book store a month ago. Last night she was butt naked when Miss Piggy called me to come in and dress her. This was after a few days ago I caught her tearing clothes off to make it to the potty. Too bad she didn't do anything on the potty... I really need to potty train her, I just don't want to! That's what the month of July is going to be for!

-Master Chief. He's my geek. Currently at work he's training a robot. A real robot. Pretty cool, huh! Pretty geeky too!

-Me. I'm up to no good. Housework, laundry, dreaming of my upcoming vacation, teaching the kids piano, housework, laundry, dreaming of my upcoming vacation, weeding the yard, ect. Nothing new here! I am looking very forward to a week of scrapbooking with my mother in law and sisters in law at a condo for a week!!! Miss Piggy will be coming up for a day and a half and she's giddy with excitement! We can't wait.


Caitlin and Jared said...

We have the same issue with skirts and dresses around here...and I'm like you! : )

Mom of three ♥ said...

Sadie is really into wearing skirts and dresses too! Guess they are all girl.

Gina Sims said...

So cute!

Jenni said...

Cute post--I like to go back and read my random posts and journal entries--brings back all those sweet memories from when they are young.

Where you going on vacation? AND btw, got my jewelry today and I LOVE it!