Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our 4th of July Celebrations!

This year was so much fun for our family. We actually went out and participated in the world! In the past it seems that we do one or two things or Master Chief is working and Mama doesn't want to attempt all the festivities alone with 3 kids! However with Master Chief's awesome new position we were able to have him home so we could party, and that's just what we did!

We started our day in festive colors! Not really 4th of July clothing, but still red, white and blue! We got our pockets full of plastic bags so we could collect candy at a local parade!!! And off we went. We got to the parade about an hour and a half early so we could get a good spot. Master Chief was a genius and planned a lunch for us and we sat there in the heat and waited. Now, one might think that sitting in the heat waiting for a parade to start might be boring. But not for us!!! We giggled, we played and Mama took pics! Her lips crack us up in this one! She was caught in the middle of eating her chips!We did find a small rock to sit on for shade, and took turns sitting in the shade!!!And then there was silly Kermit. Kermit decided Mama had enough pics and he made it a game to try to hide from the camera. Gotcha!!! You can't hide from me!Mama's cousins joined us just as the parade began and since it was a water parade she put her camera away.

The parade was fantastic. They would spray you from their floats and toss out candy. We couldn't ask for a better experience. That is until Kermit decided to retaliate! A gentleman handed us all a COLD bottle of water and then a group of girls from a local softball team were
on the next float. Kermit saw this as a golden opportunity. He opened his bottle of water and ran up to the girls on the float and started splashing his water out at them. Well they came prepared and they all had super soakers and they aimed right for him!!! It was so funny! Leave it to our little Casanova to get the girls!

After the parade we went straight over to our little town water park. They have a splash pad which Baby Girl enjoyed when she wasn't trying to run away in the water where Kermit and Miss Piggy were playing. She's fast! She doesn't want to be held in the water and in true Baby Girl fashion, she thinks she's 6 1/2 and can go where her older siblings are. EEKS!!!

In the mean time, Miss Piggy quickly got cold and sat out in the sun with Master Chief and Kermit wanted to go down the water slide. Thank goodness for Mama's cousins to be there... we were out numbered! They took Baby Girl while I stood at the bottom of the slide to catch Kermit. It didn't take too long before Kermit didn't even need me at the bottom. He'd fly off the slide, go under water, pop up and swim over to me!!!

Once we finally decided we'd had enough water fun we headed back to our house for dinner. Master Chief had been preparing ribs for us and man were they good!!! We had ribs, corn on the cob, garlic and rosemary potatoes, rolls and homemade pumpkin cheesecake (that Master Chief claims is better than The Cheesecake Factory!!! Thank you sweetie, that made my day!) Baby girl thought the ribs were so good! Uncle Paul, this one is for you. Master Chief thought you might like these pics.After our feast we went over to our extremely awesome home teachers house and partied with them. They had bounce house water slides and Kermit was in heaven!!! Miss Piggy didn't want to get wet and be cold but Baby Girl... well there was no stopping her!

Once we got them dried off they did a few fireworks, the poppers and sparklers. Mama was trying to learn some new things with her camera and this was the best shot she got... She has a lot to learn, lol! We all went home exhausted and happy! Happy 4th of July to our family and friends!

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Gina Sims said...

Hurray for the 4th & tons of fun!