Thursday, August 11, 2011

In An Instant.... Summer is Over and School Has Begun!

Good thing we are on the ball! We had been preparing for school to begin August 22nd at the local elementary school. We'd entered our awesome kids into the charter school lottery in hopes of getting them in last year. Their names didn't get drawn but were added again this year. Miss Piggy came up on the wait list as #4 and Kermit was #7 at one school and they were #8 and #9 at another school. So we knew there was a chance, but we figured it might be sometime in the middle of the school year that they might get a spot in one of these schools.

So Tuesday afternoon we got a phone call asking if Miss Piggy would still like a spot at a charter school and of course we took it! This moved Kermit up on the wait list to #1 because siblings get first priority. An hour later we got the call that Kermit was also invited to join this new school!

So what did that mean? Well, school had started on Monday, so we were already 2 days into the school year! We went out that night and finished up our school shopping, bought more supplies and went to bed early! This new school is more of a year round type schedule, so there will be lots of breaks, which we are looking forward to! It also means more homework and more challenging experiences. We are so excited to see where this new adventure takes the kids.

Here are our 2 first graders! They've had their outfits planned for the first day of school for weeks! They are happy to be in the same class again! Charter schools only have one class per grade, so they will be together forever now!


Gina Sims said...

How exciting! They are going to have a blast!

Mom of three ♥ said...

They look cute!