Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2002 - Day 8 in the life of Angel Baby


The nurses wanted to increase the amount they were feeding her but decided not to because her stomach was a little bigger (they measured it each day) and they were worried about pushing her too much. Besides the night before her blood sugars had gone up but they were able to bring them right back down by adjusting her nutrients.

Angel Baby was so much fun to come visit. She knew when her Mommy would come visit because she would react to her voice and her touch. She also reacted to her Daddy. She recognized our voices and we felt so bad when she'd cried but it was so cute. It was also cute when she'd sneeze while on the CPAP. We love her so much.

Tonight Daddy was able to come up. It was Mommy, Daddy and Angel Baby. Our happy family. It was Daddy's big night!!! First Mama taught Master Chief how to change Angel Baby's diaper. He was so nervous but he did such a great job. He was so careful and thought it was fun. But that was nothing compared to the fun he had while holding Angel Baby. Mama has never seen Master Chief so happy in all her life. Master Chief told Angel Baby the story of the wide mouth frog. Angel Baby was so cute. She was really sleepy but we think she was trying to stay awake in her Daddy's arms because her eyes were so droopy and heavy but she kept opening them back up. Then Master Chief started to quietly say her name and the sound of his voice put her right to sleep. Master Chief was going to wait until Saturday to come up and hold Angel Baby but something told him on Thursday that the things of the world didn't matter, his family mattered and his family was eternal. So he chose to strengthen his bond with his daughter. What a great choice.

They stopped Angel Baby's feedings tonight because she started to have bile come out of her feeding tube. Mama was sad but we were told a lot of premie babies have problems with feedings so we figured it would get better soon.

After Master Chief got done holding Angel Baby we stayed to watch them try to put her catheter in again. This time it was a snap, we were so relieved. We really wanted those umbilical lines out - the chance of infection on those lines were really high. So they were pulled and we were feeling better about things.

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Gina Sims said...

This day warms my heart & soul! Daddies are so sweet with their little girls! I know this will be the sweetest reunion in Heaven!