Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kermit Had an Eventful Week

Kermit's week started out with a friends birthday party.  Mama sent Kermit off to the party and then came home.  A little while later Mama got this feeling that Kermit was going to get hurt at the party so she said a prayer that he would be okay and about 10 minutes later the phone rang.  It was the mother of the birthday boy.  She said, "Now don't freak out."  And at this point Mama thought, "Oh shoot he's broke a bone!"  And then she found out that Kermit was playing in the bounce house and one of the kids accidentally kicked him in the face and it knocked a tooth out.  Thankfully it was a baby tooth!  Later when Kermit got home he told Mama that he didn't realize his tooth was kicked out until he took a bite of pizza and and the crust felt funny, so he spit it out and there was his tooth.  Of course this happened 2 days before school pictures!  He is still pretty cute and quite funny to listen to as he talks with missing teeth!  Thankfully he wasn't hurt and now he has a pretty great story to tell of losing a tooth! 
Tuesday Kermit came down with a strange rash and we thought it was a heat rash.  Wednesday it seemed better, not gone but better!  Thursday morning the rash was back and when he got home from school on Thursday it was all over!!!  We all the sudden thought it was chicken pox!  He was vaccinated, so he shouldn't get it and the Dr's office was sure that wasn't it but they couldn't tell us what it was until they saw him.  They were so sure it couldn't be chicken pox, they told us to send him to school before his appointment the next day.  Turns out it wasn't chicken pox!!!  It is some random non contagious bacterial infection coming out as a rash.  He is on an antibiotic and the rash is going away!  Phew!

Kermit has been working very hard in school to be a good listener and let's face it, he's a 7 year old boy and he's learning to keep his hands to himself!  The first week of school was very challenging for him and while he was at school for 4 1/2 days, he had his name on the board 4 times.  Not a great way to start his 2nd grade year.  But in the last 2 weeks he's not gotten his name on the board once and has even been told that he's having awesome days by his teacher!!!  On Friday he was rewarded for his hard work and was given "Citizen Of The Week"!!!  His teacher wrote this about him,

"What a guy!  This young man never fails to do the best he can.  He's one of the best when it come to attentive listening, and shows his great attitude with his smile glistening.  Honesty and integrity are character traits to be admired.  With a character like that he won't ever get fired.  His work is always completed on time.  It's a delight to have him in this class of mine!  Way to go, Kermit!!"

Also on Fridays at school they pass off math levels with mad minutes.  He's been in 2nd grade for 3 weeks and he's passed 2nd grade addition and will be one of the first in his class moving to 2nd grade subtraction! 

And finally, at football practice Friday night, Kermit generally blocks for defense and has also been used for offense because he's a pretty good blocker.  His coach gave him a chance to be the quarterback and he made his first touchdown!!!!!  WAHOO!

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Flutterbug said...

Awesome.... You should be such a proud mama!! Love hearing your stories!!