Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy 12th Anniversary!

Master Chief and I celebrated our 12th year of marriage last Saturday.  We celebrated by attending a dinner theatre!  We had a delicious dinner and watched Something's Afoot.  We had a great evening!  So I thought I would post what my top 12 highlights are from our awesome marriage!

1 - Angel Baby - She made us parents!!!
2 - Trip to Sea World because Master Chief didn't have any idea that Shamoo was really that big!  He was like a little boy there!!!
3 - Dave's Graduation - WAHOO!  We went out and bought a car afterwards!
4 - Adopting Kermit - What a blessing in our lives he is!
5 - Miss Piggy - How scary it was to have her, but thankfully she is healthy!!!
6 - Moving to our current home - FINALLY HOME OWNERS!!!  (Lived here since 2005)
7 - Baby Girl - What a welcome suprise!
8 - Playing board games all night long!
9 - Master Chief's dinners he always likes to try out, they are all so yummy!  (Aren't I lucky to have a chef!)
10 - The way Master Chief always likes to suprise me with chocolate and Diet Pepsi!
11 - The way he makes me laugh - It's the things he says and does that make me laugh years after he's done them!
12 - Making plans for future event with each other.  Master Chief has some fun ideas on house plans (far in the future, lol), trips to take, cars we want.  It's fun to have our ideas come together and see how we are like a well oiled machine!

I love you Master Chief, I look forward to eternity with you!


Gina Sims said...

You are totally going to think I am making this up but a few weeks ago I had this idea to do on my blog too for our anniversary! We must think a like since we both thought of the same name for our sweet girlies! Love it, you two are so sweet!

ditndetes said...

Well, I got the idea from you originally with your 30 things about you ect. I just copy you! Except on the name thing! We came up with that on our own. Great minds think alike!!!

Gina Sims said...

It is so true!!!!