Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Baby Girl Laughs

Last night Baby Girl was put to bed in a cute nightgown. About 30 minutes after she went to bed we heard her start to get frustrated and kinda fuss a bit. We called to her,

Mama: "Baby Girl, what's wrong?"
BG: "I can't get it on."
Mama: "What are you talking about? Come here!"

And out walks an upside down swimsuit! She couldn't fit her head through the leg of Miss Piggy's swimsuit!!! Silly girl. Master Chief helped her out of the suit and then let her put it on right and wear it to bed. He said, "It's spring break, she can wear a swimsuit to bed for spring break!"

Another Baby Girl funny...

We were eating dinner Sunday night and noodles were apart of our dinner. She loves these noodles and after we'd all had what we wanted, Master Chief finished up the pan. Baby Girl stood up on her chair, put her hands on her hips and said, "Hey!!! Who took all the noodles? I want more noodles!!!" Master Chief gave her his noodles!

And the last Baby Girl funny for the day...

Miss Piggy is working on a project that will be revealed soon. She is using scissors for this project and Baby Girl keeps wanting to sneak the scissors away. Well we caught her trying to cut on this project and we all scrambled over to her to get the scissors away from her. This was our conversation...

BG: "I want to cut, I be very very careful."
Mama: "I know you will be very careful, but I don't want you to cut this."
BG: "But Miss Piggy is cutting on it, I want to cut it too, I 2 1/2."
Mama: "Miss Piggy is 7, you are only 2 1/2, when you are 7 you can cut this too."
BG: "I no wanna be 2 1/2, I wanna be 7."
Mama: "Well you're almost 3!"
BG: "No, I am almost 7!!!"

Then yesterday Kermit was outside riding his bike with his friends. Baby Girl wanted to go out and play.

BG: "I wanna go ride my scooter outside."
Mama: "You can go out back and ride it!."
BG: "No, I wanna go out front like brother."
Mama: "No, you aren't big enough to ride out front."
BG: "Yes I am, I is 7 years old."

So, I've always said she is 2 going on 7, but she really means it!!!


Gina Sims said...

She is so darn cute & I love that big personality she has!

Camisha Gollaher said...

I am so glad to get to know your kiddos a bit through your blog. I love them!!! Thanks for sharing :)