Friday, July 31, 2009

Kermit made us laugh... once AGAIN!

So Mama and Master Chief delivered brownies to our home and visiting teaching families this month. They were so yummy.... Anyway!...

So our routine was we'd stop outside the house and one of us would go deliver the treats while the other stayed in the car with the 3 kids. One of the families that Master Chief visits has the last name of "Walker". So while Mama was sitting in the car visiting with the kids this is the conversation we shared...

Kermit: "What does a Walker look like?"
Mama: "Well, the dad has brown hair and is tall."
Kermit: "But what do they look like?"
Mama: "They are just people. You know how our last name is ___, well their last name is Walker."

So Master Chief finished up and got back to the car. Mama mentioned to him about how Kermit wanted to know what the Walkers looked like.

Master Chief told Kermit: "They are people who have legs and walk everywhere they go."
Kermit: "So are we riders?"
Master Chief: "Yes, because we are riding in the car."

We leave and are pulling out of the neighborhood. Master Chief sees two ladies walking on the street. He said...

Master Chief: "Look Kermit, these two ladies are walkers."
Kermit: "But if they walk, they'll get tired."
Master Chief: "Yes walkers are always tired, that's why we're riders."


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Camisha Gollaher said...

hilarious! clever little kermit. love the story-glad you shared!!! :)