Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Summer Vacation - VERY pic heavy

After baby girls blessing all our family left that Sunday except Mama's parents and little brother (and when I say little, even though we are 12 years apart, he is *gulp* taller than me now), they left on Monday. As they were preparing to leave Kermit and Miss Piggy about knocked Grandma and Papa over with the request to take them home with them! After much discussion between Master Chief and Mama we decided to let them go. The plan was to meet the kids on Sunday in a location in between the two of us. While at Grandma and Papa's house the kids wore their Uncle out! They'd wait each day patiently for him to get home from school so they could play down in the basement. This is the place to be, it's not finished and is huge! It's a great place to ride bikes, scooters, ket cars and .... tie each other up??!?! This is the picture I got of Kermit.The kids ate well, they ate grandma out of house and home. Kermit was so hungry he ate dog food after he saw his silly Uncle do it. They also made sure to get some time in on the tractor with Papa!In the mean time back at home, Mama, Master Chief and Baby Girl were missing the kids. Baby Girl would look around for them when they'd call home and she'd hear their voices. The house was SO quiet! Even when Baby Girl would cry it was quiet! But Mama was able to get a lot done to get ready for our upcoming trip.

The three of us left our home Saturday and arrived in Master Chiefs home town that evening. We played a game with his brother and father and then Mama hit the sack! We got up early the next morning and traveled to meet Kermit and Miss Piggy!!! They had arrived at our meeting point a day early so they could sleep in a hotel and go swimming, two of their favorite things to do! We arrived and had lunch together then we got back on the road. Grandma, Papa and their Uncle wore them out!!! We weren't very far down the road and all three kids were sacked out.

We went back to Master Chiefs home town and visited his Grandma and Grandpa! Mama did all she could to enjoy the family because the next day she got up, packed Baby Girl up and abandoned the rest of the family. We drove to a small town Mama lived in as a child and had lunch with her cousin Gina and Aunt Sue. It was so much fun to visit with them and show Baby Girl off! She drove around town and saw her elementary school, church and old house. Man the yard is A LOT smaller than I remember it being as a child! Then I visited my old neighbors, who I called Grandma Jane and Grandpa Fred. They wanted to hold Baby Girl and when Grandpa Fred held her he kept commenting on how small her ears were and that she was so cute! Mama thought it was so cute!

Then we traveled to a resort town to meet Master Chiefs mom, 3 sisters and a sister in law. We stayed in a condo, pulled out all our scrapbooking things and went to work! Between taking care of Baby Girl, cooking and cleaning up my meals, I was able to complete 14 pages! Not too bad considering Baby Girl wanted to be held a lot!

Thursday morning Baby Girl and I packed up and headed down the road a little further to a Girls Weekend Out with 49 of Mama's awesome friends!!! Mama was one of the ladies in charge of the whole party and was busy with last minute things, but it was so much fun. We went to lunch, went shopping and went to Harry Potter on Friday!!!! Saturday we had a super saturday where Mama made flower hairbows and was supposed to attend a class on photoshop... missed that one though! Mama did have fun one night in the dryer though...
And it's blurry, but we had a bunch of cute babies... Baby Girl is in the black wearing a shirt that says, "You can't wear PINK everyday" Makes me laugh everytime I see it!
Sunday we packed up and went back to Master Chief's home town to get the rest of the gang and then we drove the rest of the way home.

While Mama was busy with her activities Master Chief made sure Kermit and Miss Piggy didn't get bored, lol! They went straight to the most beautiful lake and played. Kermit practiced his football skills while Miss Piggy searched for seashells! They played in the sand... They made their way over to a park, had a picnic lunch, played and posed for some adorable pictures.They visited a gieser. One day Master Chief took them to explore a cave! And then to another fun park.
When they weren't running all over the place they camped! (now that they are home they like to take the marshmellows, stick them on their finger and roast them over their pretend fire).
They fished!!! And this time Kermit out-fished Miss Piggy! And when they decided to stick around the house they played all day long in the sandbox!

Master Chiefs parents live on a farm with a tractor and a riding lawn mower (lawn motor per Kermit). One afternoon Kermit had been gone for a while so Master Chief decided he'd better go check on him. Kermit LOVES the tractor and riding lawn motor. When Master Chief found Kermit he'd climbed up the tractor to retrieve a chain, climbed down, went over to the shed where the riding lawn motor was, hooked up the chain and was in the process of trying to tow the lawn motor out by hand! Silly, cute Kermit!

Oh, and Master Chief ate some beef!And the kids ate hot dogs...We all had a fantastic time (except when Kermit got stung by a wasp. Luckily that pain was very temporary!) and by the time we arrived home Sunday night at midnight we were pooped! We've all decided that we need a vacation from our vacation!

And most of the pics are of Master Chief and the older two because Mama didn't want to miss their fun, so she sent the camera with them!

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Jenni said...

Looks like some great times! I can't believe how many MOFs showed up for the GWO!