Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mama's Race Report!!!

Mama ran her first 5K today!!! The short story, my stop watch said I did it in 37 minutes. I'll know my official time later I think!
The long story...

3 years ago some friends started running and I decided I wanted to run as well. They were training for a 5K and I thought they were crazy, but I wanted to try. Master Chief was working nights, so as soon as the kids went to sleep, I'd run in my back yard. Really cool, huh! I think I ran 7 minutes without stopping and about died. DIED. My friends were going longer and progressing. I was not! I gave up. I hated it.

2 years ago I had another group of friends (I'm seeing where my problem is, I choose running friends) that decided we should exercise together. We ran every day it seemed. They killed me. I just couldn't keep up with them and felt like I was dragging them down. I had two goals that summer. 1- to look good for my 10 year High School Reunion and 2- to run a 5K. I felt like I looked good for my reunion, but I never ran my 5K. The most I could run was 1.3 miles without stopping.

Last year I had a baby and did not run!

This year, it's not even spring yet and I've RAN A 5K!!! Without stopping!!!

I have 2 new friends and guess what, they are runners! They've told me it's okay to go slow. Snails pace to be exact. The first time I ran, I ran 1 mile without stopping. Then I ran 2 miles without stopping. I ended up hurting my knee on a run and have had to take it easy, ice and wear a lovely band on my knee and I'd never ran 3 miles during my training. My training did take me up hill for .5 miles and most of the time I ran into the wind. But it was dry outside, never snowy!

Race day I was SO excited. I wasn't nervous. I wasn't in it for time, I wasn't in it for anything but the satisfaction that I did it! I woke up and guess what, it snowed!!! Ack! It was windy. Ack!!! I got to the race, checked in, got my number, my time chip thingy (what are they called?) and then froze to death! The little kids had a mile run to start out with. They were adorable! The big racers started their 5 mile race. Then it was time to line up! Then before we knew it, it was time to go!
People passed me like crazy! It didn't discourage me though. I just ran. I listened to my MP3 player and just ran. I was hoping there would be markers along our trail telling us .5 mile, 1 mile and such. After a while I checked my time and I was at 12 minutes. I figured I had to be around a mile. Wooh hoo! 1/3 done! I kept going. I was running into the wind and had little hills here and there. But I had trained this way, so I knew I could do it!!! Then I started wondering why people do this for fun. It wasn't fun. My right leg was hurting, my toes were frozen, and I had no idea where the heck I was and how far I'd gone. I looked at my clock, it said 24 minutes. I imagined I was around 2 miles or so. I looked over and there was a marker... 2 miles! I thought, I can do this!!!

I had in my mind that I needed to pass someone. Anyone. I think I passed like 7 people. Left them in my dust... or splatters! I was feeling pretty sore in my leg though and started thinking again, why do people do this!!! I knew where the finish line was, and I thought I knew how to get there, but then people would turn and go the other direction. I wondered if I'd ever see the finish line! I wasn't winded or anything it was just my sore leg. And then I saw how it would all come together!!! I could see where the end was and I could see one of my running friends, who spanked us and ran lots faster! I could feel that victory!!! I gave everything I had left in me and did a sprint to the end!!! My legs didn't want to stop, but since we were cattle herded into these lines I had to and that stunk!The clock was timing the 5 mile run, so pay no attention to that! I'll get my official race time soon.I'm proud of myself. I rocked it. I did as good as I wanted to. Half way through the race I told myself to be happy with 45 minutes. Originally my goal was 35-40 minutes. 37 was my final time and I am SO proud of myself!!! I ran the whole way and it was awesome!!!


Snider Family said...

That's so awesome! You go girl! You are now officially hooked. :)

Gina Sims said...

So awesome! I am hoping to do one this summer!

Jenni said...

Congrats! Love that you made your goals!

Camisha Gollaher said...

I have the same goal to run a 5K. I've worked on it really hard the year we all started "getting fit" and then got pregnant. Ran into the pregnancy about 1/2 way, then haven't ran since. Still plan on it...but it MAY be this summer that I get out. I need someone to watch my kids for 45 min each day so I can run...but I'm nervous about running alone in my neighborhood too. And I'm SO self conscious about how I look to everyone watching that I talk myself out of it. And I sweat to death! So...maybe this summer... I'm hoping to get out before summer it over!

YOU ARE AWESOME. Inspiring. Maybe someday I'll "not want to run a 5K" like you and do it!!! :)

kyersten said...

Congrats on seeing through your goals! It's inspirational. So are you going to continue running?

ditndetes said...

Yes, I will continue to run! But I've got a knee injury to rest up and take care of first. There is a race on May 1, and I'm thinking I'll run that one! I don't think I'll ever go any further than 3.1 miles, I am happy with what I've done! So I guess my goal is to keep it up!

Ammon & Nicole said...

Congrats! That's awesome! I hope I can run a 5k some day! I hate to run but have always wanted to be a runner! You are my hero!!

Amy said...

WTG!!! GREAT JOB!!! My first 5K took me 39 minutes!