Thursday, March 11, 2010

What To Title This... I've Had a Mommy Moment... OR... All Kids Do This, RIGHT?

I figured I'd encounter this Mommy moment sometime in my life and I'm just glad it's my son, all my son and does not include my daughters in any way.

Kermit cut his hair today.

I was visiting with a friend on the phone about our upcoming race this weekend while the kids were coloring and cutting out their school flash cards. Kermit came in to me and this is the conversation we had.

K: "Mom, my hair is falling out."
M: "Why is it falling out, did you cut your hair?"
K: "If I tell you, will you not be mad at me?"
M: (taking a deep breath while frantically looking from Kermit to Miss Piggy's hair) "Yes, I promise to not be mad at you if you tell me the truth."
K: "Yep, I cut my hair."

Luckily it was HIS hair and not one of his sisters hair. (I think I remember cutting some OTHER little girls hair when I was in preschool) Plus he needs a hair cut, and it was only a little bit. You can't really tell unless you are really looking.

So no, he didn't get in trouble, but they both got a little talk on how we DON'T CUT OUR HAIR!!!

Mommy Moment Survived!!!


Jenni said...

Picture?? My Meg chopped off all of her hair on both sides of her head giving herself the ugliest mullet ever. So glad he didn't go near the girls :)

Emily said...

When Justin did his, it was with the clippers and NO GARD, right down the middle of his head. The next time was when the little girl down the street decided to play barber, and cut chunks out all over his head. So Ya, its a right of passage and most, if not all, kids do it. But I would like to see some pics.

ditndetes said...

He wouldn't let me take any pics yesterday and really it's hard to see. He's got about a million hairs on his head and only cut like 8 of them. It's the principle here!

I'll try to convince him to let me take a pic.