Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Way To Go, Baby Girl! Weight Update

Baby Girl is tiny! At her 9 month check up she was 13lbs, 10oz. Not even on the charts. We had to come back for a weight check at 10.5 months. We went in on Monday and all Mama was hoping for was 14lbs. Baby Girl weighs 15lbs 11oz!!!!! She's on the charts now with a 2lb 1oz weight gain in a matter of 6 weeks. I guess all the yogurt and cheese is helping pack on the pounds! She is also starting to cut her 3rd tooth, her first top one!

And a cute thing, tonight the kids hurried to get in the car to run to the store. Mama was in the garage putting her shoes on and Master Chief was in the bathroom. Baby Girl was left in the living room until Master Chief could get her in her carseat. But Baby Girl sensed that she was supposed to be going with us and crawled over to her carseat, climbed in and waited for Master Chief to buckle her! What a smarty pants!


Snider Family said...

Yipppee! Yeah for fattie babies. :)

Gina Sims said...

Hooray!!! Ashley's little Madison only was 16 something at a year old, some kids are just little! I love that that story about her!

penguin0802 said...

She is too smart. McKenna started crying when we accidentally closed the front door and left her inside the apt. in her car seat. It was a long day :(

McKenna is 18 lbs. so only 2 more pounds and another 4 weeks so she can be in a front facing car seat.

Ammon & Nicole said...

That is so funny that she crawled into her carseat! Love it! That is great that she gained so much weight!