Tuesday, March 10, 2009

6 Things...

As a way to combine a lot in one post, I've copied a friend and used her '6 things' post!

Our kids finally get it!
For the last few weeks they just haven't understood the idea of resurrection. They know that Jesus was resurrected and they were sure that their big sister was resurrected. We've needed to do a Family Home Evening on this subject, but Helping around the house and Tithing came first. So last night we got to our resurrecting FHE and boy were we surprised at how much our kids actually know! Miss Piggy totally explained how our spirits leave our bodies and our bodies go in the ground while our spirits 'leave our mouths' and go to live with Heavenly Father. We showed pictures of when Jesus was crucified and Kermit told us all about how the 'naughty guys' made a hat of sharp wood and smashed it in His head, how they beat His back and how they put nails in His hands. We're so pleased with their understanding at just 4 years old! We explained that Jesus was resurrected after 3 days, but that big sister, past grandparents, and President Hinckley haven't been resurrected yet, but they will be! A huge thanks to awesome primary teachers who've helped us teach our children!

March has come in like a lion...
The only time I start to miss our years in Arizona is when we should start to see some spring! March is a pretty windy month around here and it's down right cold in the wind! On top of that... it's snowed a couple of times this week. Kermit and Miss Piggy think it's fantastic and I love to see their excitement, but please... I'm ready for some warmth! My winter maternity clothes are few and far between!

Things are good. Things are very good! But what would my pregnancies be without some fun, right! I've been measuring 4-5 weeks ahead of schedule. At my 26 week ultra sound baby girl weighed in at 2lbs! She's growing just perfectly, however her size isn't the reason for measuring ahead. I've got a ton of water. A lot of water is just fine, but too much is just not good. Complications come with it like preterm labor, I already have too many contractions. Abruption, I've already had one with Miss Piggy, so I'm higher risk anyway. However my levels have decreased a bit, so we are in the clear once again! Now I just get to watch the swelling. So I get to rest a lot. I get to rest for the day before and after an event. Yippee! And rest means, lay down flat. Can I just tell you how incredibly boring that is! But, my swelling has been controlled and I've had a lot less contractions, so it's working and that's what counts! I'm 28 weeks now and the dr is thinking 37 weeks looks like a great goal, so 9 weeks!!!!!

Baby Middle Name
Any ideas? I'm in love with one middle name. Master Chief, not so much. I've suggest many names, but we just don't agree on anything! So, wish us luck! In the mean time, help me come up with a fun name forourblog for her... Kermit and Miss Piggy are Muppets, but baby girl doesn't have to be. I just don't want to keep her as baby girl. I've thought of caboose. What are your suggestiongs? Ready, set, go!

We are living in chaos right now
As we are trying to prepare for baby girl to come we are re-arranging our house to fit another little one. It's crazy around here and people think I'm nesting, but it's really Master Chief who's behind it all! We've totally changed our bedroom around to fit the "office" into our room and our office is a mess of clutter, but Master Chief assures me that it will be taken care of this week! Then it's on to moving Kermit to his own room, painting, building him a big boy bed, getting Miss Piggy's bedroom set out, painting her room, putting up the crib... you get the picture. Plus I've got to go through my baby clothes to see if there's anything for baby girl to wear! I should do before and after pictures, huh!

Calculus 3 is our nightmare, I mean friend...
Master Chief is attacking school once again. He loves his BS EET so much that he's decided to go for another BS, this time in EE or ME, he can't decide which. In the mean time, he's taken Chemistry and you'd think he could do that in his sleep. It was a piece of cake for him. Calculus 3 however is another story. He's pulling a solid B, which Mama is SO pround of him for, but he gets ticked when he doesn't get an A. He works 12 hour shifts, 3-4 days a week, goes to school for 3 hours, 2 days a week, then goes on his days off back to work, to make up time from missing during his classes. Then he's a busy father, a husband to a pregnant wife (need I say more!) and during the time he's not re-organizing our house he fits in his homework. The poor guy doesn't sleep anymore! And if you know Master Chief, sleeping is his favorite thing to do next to playing the X -Box. So this stinking Calculus class is kicking his butt! But he's chugging along and he tells me it's a good thing that he knows how to take the second derivative of a vector floating in space as it turns around a spiral, cause that's pretty darn practical, and common Joe's like him need to know that stuff! Whatever!

So there you have it, 6 updates at once! Don't you feel lucky!


taffi said...

yes, I do feel lucky! loved your updates. you know my vote for a middle name - and you also know that you can call me any time you need Kermit & Miss Piggy to come play so you can rest!

Flutterbug said...

You guys are amazing, I feel lucky for the updates too. We love you guys, you should start a poll for middle names. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Ramsey said...

Hey thanks for posting on my blog! Email me your address so I can send you something awesome!



Deters said...

Wow that's a lot of stuff going on with your family.
Good luck with all that's ahead of you.

Camisha Gollaher said...

Well...you're keeping busy! I love this 6 posts at once idea! I was reading your blog to Berklie (who would absoloutely LOVE your kids) and I refrained from expounding on the Princess "PJ's" since...my little princess would just jump at the idea!!! She loves her dress up too! She has some fun stuff-including a blue vest that I've put black pockets on (Police or Mail Carrier), and some other "REAL" type dress up costumes...of course nothing too elaborate, since I want her to use her imagination. So...I'm the wife of a husband working towards his BS in MFET, but other than that, You'll have to spell out in English what Master Chef has. I didn't know our husbands were both the Engneering type! I'm praying we never have to see Calc 3, since Rick is really struggling w/ Calc 2!! He's not taken it this semester, but took it last, and needless to say, didn't feel like he really understood it well enough to move one, so he's going to re-take it!

Well good luck to you hanging on to week 37!!! You look great! It was realy good to see your family at the funeral. Take care, and I'll talk to you soon.

Love you!!!