Friday, March 13, 2009

Just like a married couple or just plain brother and sister?

Tonight we were at Walmart getting some paint and wall stickers for Kermit's new bedroom. Mama and Master Chiefs hands were full and Miss Piggy insisted on holding a hand. So she held Kermits. They walked around the store holding hands and it was so cute!

Then we were eating pizza for dinner and Miss Piggy doesn't eat the "spicies" (pepperoni) on her pizza and she always picks them off and gives them to Kermit. Mama sat back and thought how cute it was, how they are such good friends and then it hit her... they act like a married couple!

They argue over who gets to do what. For example, who gets to put the bowls/plates/cups away and who gets to put the silverware away. By the way, the silverware is the not fun job around here. If you do the bowls/plates/cups you get to stand on the counter and that is so cool. Kermit tells Miss Piggy to "eat your dinner", "don't talk like a baby", and "get back in bed". Miss Piggy tells Kermit to "get your shoes on", "drink your milk", "and "give me a piggy back ride".

If Miss Piggy doesn't like her dinner, Kermit offers to eat it. If Miss Piggy needs her bed made, she asks Kermit to do it, and he does! If Kermit wants to go out and ride his bike, he tells Miss Piggy "they" are going out to play, so "come on"! If Kermit wants to watch Spongebob, he grabs the remote and changes it to Spongebob.

I swear, they are married!

Or is it just a fantastic set of siblings? They are the best of friends. They don't do anything different from each other very often. The most they fight over is what movie to watch. Kermit likes to call Miss Piggy "mom" when they are playing and if Mama trys to answer, she gets told "you're not the mommy right now". Miss Piggy constantly tells Kermit "That's a great idea!" to anything he comes up with. Kermit will often tell Miss Piggy how pretty she is. They are so wonderful!!!
And here's an extremely silly picture of them taken yesterday. Kermit LOVES his orange hat. He thought he was a cowboy here with snow boots and this hat. Whatever! Miss Piggy was just along for the picture we think!


Flutterbug said...

This sounds strangely familiar, only for me, it is currently my 2 girls that act like that, one day in the not too far future however, my son will be joining in more. I'm glad that they get along so well..... They are getting so big, I can't wait to see them this summer!!

taffi said...

Yah. My life here too, except Sweet Girl is in charge. LOL

Deters said...

That's awesome that they get along so well. I hope it stays that way for you.

Jenni said...

Those are some cute kids!