Thursday, March 19, 2009

A princess by day.... still a princess by night!

Miss Piggy got the most fantastic dress up clothes from Grandma, Papa and Uncle Skino for Christmas. She's such a princess that it's the perfect gift for her! She goes in shifts with wearing them though, and lately it's been a busy time for these clothes!

So last night Master Chief and I were getting ready for bed and part of Mama's bedtime routine is to go in and check on the kids to make sure they are covered up and stuff, you know the normal mommy checks at night! It had been very quiet for a while and I was sure the kids were sound asleep.

When the kids went to bed, they were in normal pj's. Miss Piggy was wearing a Christmas nightgown with a pretty bow she brought to my attention last night. As I went in to check on them at 10:10pm, Miss Piggy's head popped up and she just smiled. But guess what she was wearing??!??! You guessed it, one of her princess dresses. She said she needed to be a princess at night, too. And of course, like any good parent, I got her up and made her take a picture!
What could we say, she was so cute we had to let her sleep in her dress... I mean what kinda of sleepwear do princesses wear? Obviously not pretty Christmas nightgowns with a silver bow on it!


Flutterbug said...

She is too cute!

Ammon & Nicole said...

What a cute Princess!!

taffi said...

she is so adorable.